June 20, 2024


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11 Work-Life Balance Tips Women Can Take From Men

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Times have changed for women and men. It has been decades now that women have been juggling work and home life, but more than ever now, men are, too.

Below are 11 key points that women can implement into their lives on work life balance that I learned from my interview with men on work life balance.

Awareness is Key

We should be aware in order to avoid creating negative habits. For instance, we don’t always have to be the best mother, leader or spouse, we can make mistakes. We just need to be aware of our hiccups and adjust our actions. If you are not aware that you are being hurtful, this behavior may become habit, which can impact balance in all areas of your life.

Have Mentors

Have more than one mentor. In any vertical of life, you need a mentor. You need to know who you can reach out to when it comes to struggles you are having with family, business, health, finances or spirituality. It is not always the same person. Be sure to identify who you can reach out to in the various sectors of your life. And, it is okay to re-open old connections. Sometimes, taking up those old connections provide you with new opportunities.

Include Family

It is important to include family into your work routine and travel so that partners can get an intimate understanding of what you do. This increases communication, empathy and balance in life.

Schedule Your Days

Without a schedule, I am not sure I could make it through 10 am successfully without messing something up. But the perspective that the men shared was to schedule your days as a way to minimize “pop ups.” This way, you can stay committed to your commitments. Last minute pop ups in your schedule should be a rare occurrence in order to maintain balance.

They Encourage Their Partners to Follow Their Passions

It is important to consistently talk with your partner to make sure that they are happy with where they are at in life. As a spouse we need to help our partner pull out their passions if they are struggling to find it. Both parties’ happiness and level of fulfillment contribute to the overall balance of the familial unit.

Use Decompressing Time

Use your decompressing wisely. Find ways to put yourself in the right frame of mind. Do something that helps you to adjust both mentally and physically to your next life role. You can do this by listening to music or something inspirational on a podcast during your drive home.

Move on and Forget About Ruminating

It is okay to not always make the right decisions. It is okay to have some negative thoughts here and there. If you make a poor decision, do not ruminate and dwell on it, find a way to make it right, or adjust and move on.

Do Things Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you feel that you are not balanced and are hurdling tough times, do things outside of your comfort zone. Living outside of your comfort zone and trying new things will produce new opportunities that can pull you through and rebalance your life.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Surround yourself with positive people during hardships or setbacks. When you have been ripped of something in life or business you have to be cautious what you re-attach yourself to. When you are down and out, be sure to surround yourself with the right events and influencers so that you attach to something positive.

Be Mindful

Be in the moment with people and things you love. You must be present physically and mentally. One tip provided was doing quarterly reviews of your personal life with your partner just like you would with an employee.

Know Your “Why”

You must know why you are doing what you are doing. Instead of focusing on getting a paycheck, begin your journey with happiness in mind. Follow something bigger than yourself and look to impact the world in a positive way.

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