April 12, 2024


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6 Steps To Beat PE – Tips From A Former Premature Ejaculator

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Are you looking for 6 steps to beat PE? I’m aware that there is an article on the internet by Men’s Health magazine on this. However, I don’t believe the advice is really “all that” and I say that as a guy who used to have premature ejaculation.

For example, they talk about the squeeze technique. You know, it definitely works but it is not the ultimate method you should be aiming for. Nevertheless, if you didn’t know it before then it can be useful.

And most of the tips seem to be about keeping the woman happy without thinking about your own situation. For example, pressing instead of thrusting and “showing a little courtesy”. While I agree that women need to be well cared after in the bedroom and a relaxed atmosphere is good for both, women also want a man to take control and most women do not like it when a man stops thrusting. They much prefer for you to carry on.

So, forget the original “6 steps to beat PE”, here are my 6 tips for you.

Understand That Anxiety Is The Cause And Needs To Be Conquered

Anxiety is the root cause of all premature ejaculation. If you have any small seed of doubt or any tiny amount of anxiety then it will become magnified in the bedroom and manifest itself quickly in the form of your quick shooting. This is akin to an animal having sex in the wild and sensing that a predator is nearby. The fear makes the animal ejaculate more quickly and get the act over with.

If we get rid of the anxiety then you can basically last as long as you want to. No joke. I’m living proof of that.

Use Delay Products Sparingly

There is nothing wrong with delay products at all. However, they should only be used sparingly.

They will not cure you overnight. But what they will do is to allow you to temporarily regain those feelings of being 3 minutes out and still going. Experiencing this once more can help to bring back your confidence but remember – it will not cure you.

Go For A Second Round

A lot of guys give up after they ejaculate and roll over and go to sleep. If you do this, then you are missing out on a prime opportunity to experience a much longer lasting round two.

Do this and your general confidence will increase, as will your time to your first ejaculation.

Have Sex Often

The less frequently you have sex then the more it will feel to you like a strange experience or like a “treat”. If you attach such special importance to intercourse then you will be racked with nerves on every occasion.

Try to have sex more often and ideally on a routine basis. The more routine it becomes, the less frequently you will premature ejaculate.

Be Like Bond

It is no secret that premature ejaculation is more common among men with general confidence issues anyway. You really need to assert yourself as the dominant partner in the relationship if this sounds like you.

Women and men can still be equal and equitable, even if the man is dominant and the woman subordinate. I am not talking about treating your partner as a slave but the fact remains that men are programmed to risk their lives and be the protector of the family while the woman bears the children and looks after them the most.

In bed, you want to be decisive and take control. Don’t always sit back and let her do all the work. Give her the pleasure you want by taking control and this will give you back the confidence that you should have in the first place.

Consider A Natural Training Program

A natural training program is the best way to conquer premature ejaculation. It usually entails several weeks of self-training using exercises and other techniques. Bit by bit, these restore your confidence in your own sexual abilities.

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