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7 Effective Ways To Improve Targeted Website Traffic

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The most important thing as an Internet marketer, is targeted traffic to your sites. Traffic is the lifeblood of every website but not every type of traffic directed to a website will be beneficial to the owner. Without traffic you make no money. There are many ways to increase targeted web site traffic. The key is to basically learn the ways of how the Internet works as well as the behavior of e-commerce consumers and even of mere web surfers. If you find yourself in need of web visitors without much money to spend especially in recession time, below are some budget-friendly tips you could follow not only to increase your traffic. These are specific marketing techniques that you can employ to increase your traffic and get you product in front of the right people.

1. Search Engine Optimization

This is probably the most popular method of increasing website traffic. Search engine marketers are looking for targeted traffic and they insist on having the basics of search engine optimization in place on their site. When someone searches for a word or phrase related to your site, SEO efforts will help you boost your organic (non-paid) rankings in the search engines, making your site widely visible to more people searching for exactly what you have. All website owners love free traffic. This, and your link building efforts can put your page at the top of page one, resulting in a great flow of targeted web traffic.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is extremely effective. One of the best parts about using article marketing is that it has so many benefits to your website and to your overall traffic. Make sure they are of good quality, and unique. Think about how you come across content. Isn’t the TITLE of the blog post, article or video usually the only thing you can see before clicking it? This can sometimes bring in a lot of targeted traffic, since people are searching for the specific article they want to read. Writing articles takes time, so make sure you have a good amount of time. Be careful with how you word your headline and ask yourself, would my ideal prospect click this link?

3. Exchange Back links

Getting relevant link helps you to be indexed in search engine and listed in directory. What’s more is it really helps you to be ranked or positioned high in search engine result page. Exchanging back-links with other blog owners and forum participants is one of the other better ways to increase targeted web traffic. Why getting inbound link is important to increase targeted traffic? Having links with other websites that are closely related to the subject of your website is the best way to gain reputation. The visitors coming from a relevant link are more likely be happy with your site because they’re the people you’re targeting. It is better to stay away from link farms and spam sites as Google has already started weeding out those types of sites. This is the beauty of targeted traffic.

Reciprocal back links are created when you receive a link spot on someone’s website, and in return place a link to their website on yours. Participate in the relevant forums and discussion boards; these are places that are gold-mines of targeted traffic for your website). Using the forums and discussion boards properly, without spamming, is a great way to increase your reputation while generating a ton of quality traffic at the same time. The very best thing about forum traffic is the high quality of it;, your traffic levels will rise as well.

4. Video Marketing

Create Videos teaching people how to do something or a commercial about your business and submit to all the video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. There are many ways to use video on the Internet to market your practice. The first is adding video to your existing website and the second is building a direct marketing dental video website from scratch. Proper Keyword Research is HUGE when submitting your videos to video sharing sites especially YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google so when people run a search for a specific keyword in Google and you have your video properly optimized it may show up in the first page of Google. If you can create a video that strikes a nerve with a good portion of the population it could feasibly send thousands if not millions of visitors to your site.

5. Pay-Per-Click Campaign

While pay-per-click advertising may not be free, it can be a cost – effective way to increase your business website’s traffic. This combines the features of both SEO and web ads. In PPC campaigns, you produce a text ad that’s showed by search engines only when the searched word or phrases includes or is exactly the same as the keywords or key phrases you bid for. You benefit twice: visitors who come on your site are really interested in the subject you deal with, besides, they are “pre-qualified clickers” – there is the theory according to which visitors coming through a click will leave also by clicking on an ad.

6. Link Building

You must have your link building strategy on point. Your search engine rankings will increase more by making use of link building techniques. Besides from that, links pointing back to your website grant target customers with paths to grasp your website and therefore, boost web traffic. Link building can be done in many ways. It is best to have good quality back links that point to your website from authority sites. One of them is to submit your site to online directories. Go for free directory to start with directory submissions but you can additionally use paid directories that have a huge number of users and high page ranking. The more back links to your site the better as search engines use this to determine how well your website ranks.

7. Social Bookmarking Websites

If you are feeling that your website content are good enough to shared on social networks, start sharing them on social bookmarking websites. More and more people are attempting to get targeted website traffic from social sites like Facebook and Twitter and the reason is simple, these giants have an uncanny ability to send visitors to your site and to raise brand awareness. Use social bookmarking to create deep links which will increase the page rank of your articles and back links adding more overall SEO power to increase web site traffic. If done right it can be a very powerful way to get targeted traffic.

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