June 20, 2024


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A Love Song

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Have you ever had a conversation with your friend, lover, or soul-mate and you did not know what to say? Seems like the words you wanted to use were just frozen solid on your lips. At awe, knowing what you want to say, but unable. Words captivates, love penetrates with the one you love. Good love songs no matter the tempo; it’s the message behind the music and lyrical content that gets the attention of the heart.

The dynamic duo of Varges Thomas & PleasureMore takes this collaboration to another level with an experience that resonates to their fans who may be in serious relationships with their partners. This smooth, soft soulful sensitive sound is sure to touch the soul of their fans around the world. The orchestrated string ensemble has a medley that releases a swing in your mood relieving anxieties, while taking a pause for a minute or two; to think about what you want to say to your soul-mate. The song Lost For Words; is a heart to heart tune that takes people back to the very first time they met.

In general, most couples can definitely relate to one another when times are good, when there is laughter and bliss, and then when times are troubled; there are tested moments and growing pains. Yet, people who truly love one another goes through the ups and downs of life together. Women in particularity, get men to do certain things they normally would not do; like buying flowers, attending certain social gathering, or any other number of things. It is through the power of love where harmony is made between two people; with kindness being shown to one another when being lost for words not knowing what to say; action is the remedy with expressing your true feelings.

Can the one you love really take your breath away? Or does he or she know what to say? Women overall, can get a man to do what they want him to do. To be satisfied and made whole in any relationship there has to be a connection whether that’s an eye to eye, heart to heart or through words with a commitment. So, the next time there needs to be a conversation, then let the words from this love song speak to you and let your actions follow with what you mean. Action does speak louder than words; with love, harmony, and peace. Lost For Words will bring to your memory the present and past situations of your life; enjoy this new song from Varges Thomas & PleasureMore!

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