September 26, 2023


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A Proper Guide to Gain Maximum Visibility for Your LinkedIn Profile

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A simple underutilized account will never serve the purpose of the account holder in LinkedIn. Users need to follow simple basic steps to fetch the required attention and visibility for their LinkedIn profiles that make an impressive impact to the visitors.

1. Basic inputs for the profile: A person’s LinkedIn profile is the reflection of his/her professional image online. Hence it is important to fill all the required fields of profile basics to convey a positive personality to others.

• To make an impressive visual impact the ‘display image’ must look professional. It is important to upload an image of higher quality, well-lit head-shots of 200*200 pixels.

• The next important step is to customize the’ profile URL’ so that people can find you easily. For customizing the ‘profile URL’ the first step is to click the’ Me’ icon at the top of the LinkedIn home page and after that select ‘View profile’. The user then needs to click ‘edit public profile & URL’ to the right of their profile page. The next step is to click the ‘Edit’ icon next to public profile URL and then inserting the name without spaces and then click ‘Save’.

• Another crucial step is to optimize the ‘headline’ which appears under the name of the profile user as the headline is the most searchable and visible thing. The character limit of this field is 120 and it is important to use relevant keywords that are frequently used by the target audience.

To add or to make any edit in the ‘headline’ click on the ‘Me’ icon at the top of the homepage and select ‘View profile’. The next step is to click the ‘Edit icon and’ then enter new content into the intro dialogue box and then click ‘save’.

• The next very step is to customize the ‘contact information’ as it rewards the user with more visibility. Click on the ‘Me’ icon to add contact information and then select ‘View Profile’. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon in the right hand next to Contact and personal info.

• At LinkedIn, professionals can introduce them and their work and achievements through ‘video’. A video is an excellent medium for introduction as it immediately makes a difference with others. One can also upload an introductory video to a host site and then share the link of the video to LinkedIn.

To add video introduction to the LinkedIn profile an user need to click the ‘Me’ icon and select ‘View profile’ and then click the ‘edit’ icon and then scroll down to the ‘media’ section. Then paste the link to your video and then click ‘add’. Then enter title and description of the video in the media dialogue box and then click ‘apply’ and ‘save’.

• The next awaiting thing for the user is to earn ‘recommendations and endorsements’. A user needs to use high volume search phrases to showcase their skills and ability to get endorsed. The first step to get endorsed is to add skills by clicking the ‘Me’ icon and thereafter select ‘View Profile’. Then add new skills in the skills and endorsement section and then click ‘Add’. The recommendation is important in building prospects. To get recommendations, click on the ‘Ask to be Recommended link’, fill out the field and send your request.

• The next big thing is to share the qualification certificates, awards, and professional certificates as it is the vital aspect of a LinkedIn profile.

To add details about qualification, click the ‘+sign’ in the education section. Enter the details in the dialogue box about your school, colleges, and degrees. One can also add a video that is relevant. To add accomplishments or certifications, click on the ‘+sign’ in the accomplishment section and select from the list. One can also enter required details in the dialogue box.

2. Refining the communication:
For a LinkedIn profile, it is important to be personable as the user is communicating with the visitor directly. So it is important to write in the first person as if you are speaking directly with the person you are willing to proceed in professional terms.

LinkedIn users can maximize their profile visibility by contributing articles. Open the ‘LinkedIn publishing tools’ by clicking on the ‘Write an article’. To edit the drafts, click the ‘Me’ icon and then select ‘posts and activity’.

For more exposure, you can also share your article on other platforms like Twitter by asking LinkedIn editors to feature your articles tweet “tip@LinkedIn editors” along with the link to your article.

3. Expanding network:
You can expand your network on LinkedIn by applying several strategies. Use the ‘Search’ feature to find your target audience or you may also include a link to connect to your e-mail, signature, blog, and website to direct the target audience.

If you are happy with the list of people in your network send them an invitation by clicking ‘Add Connection’.

LinkedIn also recommends groups for you to expand your network. This professional social site has all kind of groups that will give you a wide exposure to your target audience.

Start searching for your “Group” by inserting keywords or group name in the search box and click ‘search’.

4. Generate prospective inbound links:
Importing inbound links to your LinkedIn profile from anywhere on the web will make your profile more credible. If you publish blog or article on any popular site, link it back to your LinkedIn profile. This will increase your profile appearance in the search results.

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