May 22, 2024


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Become the Next Eminem With Beat Software

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When making beats with beat software the most important aspect of you beat is going to be the drums. That bass line is what makes or breaks a beat! What you should do in the beginning is spend time listening to some of your favorite urban artists like Eminem, Tupac, Common, Kanye West, 50 Cent, etc. Listen to their styles. Try to identify what it is about their beats that you like. I suggest taking notes while you are listening. Notice things like hi-hat placement, reverb, and the hard hittin’ “staple” bass notes. The timing and characteristics of these attributes is what formulates a solid beat.

Once you have you bass line down, then you go back and embellish with other instrumentation. You can really go crazy here. There are thousands and thousands of different instruments and sounds you can use in an infinite number of combinations. That’s what is so cool about using beat software, the possibilities are literally endless!

A very important part of making a professional quality beat is layering. If you want good tracks they need to be layered. Throw in a wide variety of sounds and a complex system of sounds. The most common pattern used for rap beats these days is a 16 bar verse with an 8 bar chorus.

If you are producing beats with the intent of selling them and making yourself some money you need to be sure that you download beat software that produces broadcast quality tracks. Trust me; no one is going to touch a poor quality sound file. What is the point of making bad quality music anyway?! I hate to burst your bubble, but those free MP3 track recording software packages ain’t gonna cut it. It’s not like professional grade beat software is even expensive these days. It is actually ridiculously affordable, I think it would cost you more to go out to dinner than it would to download professional music composing software!

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