May 23, 2024


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Benefits of Visual Merchandising

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Capturing the attention of shoppers is largely achieved through window displays. By creating the right effect at the storefront you can effectively create an urge in potential customers to make purchases. This aspect of displaying available products to stimulate sales is known as visual merchandising and it is one of the oldest and most effective marketing techniques for the retail sector. So what are the acquired benefits of having an effective shop window dressing policy?

· Creating and urge – displaying products effectively stimulates an impulsion in potential customers to make a purchase. For instance if a lady walks past a beautifully dressed mannequin she is likely to be attracted to the look and will be motivated to look the same. This significantly affects sales.

· Enforcing store/company identity – shops or companies all have their uniqueness and individuality and this can be reflected well in the way products are displayed. There needs to be a structured theme that will resonate well with shoppers. This is especially so with franchises or chain stores which have a structured identity.

· Create a shopping experience – retail sales is not only about the final purchase it is a process. This involves engagement of potential buyers at different levels. Having an attractive storefront is one initial link between a shop and a buyer and first impressions are lasting impressions. A great initial engagement is likely to lead to future relationships with buyers.

· Making a statement – certain products require more aggressive marketing techniques and this may include the use of visual props. The shop window dressing can be effective in creating an engaging marketing gimmick that will surely attract plenty of eyes which can ultimately be converted into sales.

· Artistic expression – shop window dressing is an art and this expression can be used as a tool to compliment the décor and color scheme of a shop. There is no doubt that striking displays are pretty attractive spectacles.

It is apparent that a shop’s window display is not just a visual component. It plays a great role in dictating the spending habits of potential customers. It is for this reason that the shop window dressing should be well planned and executed to ensure that it captivates that right target market. This will lead to sales conversions that are to the advantage of shop owners. Remember if you do not have sufficient skills to do a good job of window shop dressing you should get an expert to do it; this will payoff in the long run.

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