April 19, 2024


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Big Trouble If Your Dog Bites a Utility Worker on Your Property

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Q: We have three dogs that are inside and outside dogs. During the day, we have them outside playing while we’re at work. The issue we’re having is not with the dogs, but with the utility company that came to do some work in my backyard last week. Two of my dogs are very friendly, but one is very mean (Teaky). The utility man came over unannounced, and got in the back yard, and was trapped because Teaky would not let him move from the gas meter. I was home sick and had to rescue the worker. He threatened my dog, and said that if he got closer he was going to hit him with his wrench. How do I keep the utility people out of my property? Who should I report him to for his threat? I think he should lose his job, since he was trespassing. Lori in Oklahoma City, OK.

A: Lori – Lori – Lori… The truth is that your utility worker was really not trespassing. Most states have passed laws to protect public workers who by definition of their jobs need to enter into your backyard, or walk through your front yard, etc. The truth is that they are assaulted by dogs daily, and they need to be protected, as much as you do. Your dog was doing his job, and so was the utility person. Nice combination!

Since you’re in Oklahoma, you’ll need to know that your state passed HB2813 in 2006 which protects these professionals against dog attacks, and dictates punishment to dog owner that allow their dog to assault these employees (this bill speaks of fines and possible imprisonment for the dog owners). So, let’s now make peace with the nice utility person, he has a tough job as it is. I would suggest that you call the utility company and ask when they routinely have to enter your property, so that you may keep Brutus in a safe place. Utility companies welcome these calls, and will work with you on scheduling a safe time for their employee to visit you.

This is not a battle you will win – so let’s just ALL be friends… Good luck, DogMan.

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