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Breast Reduction in Pittsburgh, PA – Dr. Golla

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Breast reduction surgery is also known as mammaplasty reduction, is a process to reduce the abnormal breast for the patient. People who have macromastia may experience the physical discomfort. The pain will challenge the people to do the physical activities. Most people will get neck pain, back pain or some other physical problem. People who have a mental problem or stressful mind may result to large breast. This surgery will help the people to reduce the size of the breast, glandular tissue and skin. Mostly the women who get the breast reduction will get the satisfaction from the result. This surgery is also applicable to men who have abnormal breast size (gynecomastia).


This surgery will help the person in a reduction in back pain, having good posture and the body will look more proportion,

· Ability to participate in physical activities- When people have abnormal breast size one cannot do physical work, they feel so much stress to do. After the surgery one may do all kind of sports and physical task.

· Shopping will so flexible and satisfied: No need to worry about the size of the clothes once the breast comes to the normal state. Well, you can choose any dress you want and wear whatever you like.

· Stretch marks reduction and looks younger: Once the body size is extended you can see a stretch mark. This surgery will make you not to worry about the stretch marks and feel very younger.

The process of the surgery.

Plastic surgeons refer to the breast reductions as “happy surgery” Many people who have done and says that they are so happy after the surgery their life changed. In this surgery, two incisions will take place one is “anchor shape” and “lollipop shape”. The anchor is a standard technique where incisions are made around the areola, down the middle and cross the bottom. The lollipop is another technique where made only around the areola, down the middle of the breast. For every large breast, it is common to reduce 500 or 600 gms. Lollipop is a small breast reduction between 300 and 500 gms. Most complications that happen with breast reduction will result in low risk; it will land you in the hospital. Having the bigger breast will lead to physically damage the body. Many people are so happy after the surgery. They gain the proportional body weight, beautiful look, and confident appearance.


Breast reduction surgery removes the glandular tissues, fat, and skin from the breasts which will result in a smaller, lighter and proportional body. The breast reduction will not only give the smaller breast but also the proportion body. Women will get confident in physical activities.

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