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Characteristics and Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet – Maximize This Weight Loss Plan

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The Mediterranean diet is a very sensible health-improving method. Patterned from the lifestyle and food behaviors of people who live in the Mediterranean region, this diet incorporates the native ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine, which are primarily composed of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, aromatic grass, olives and olive oil, and wine. To clearly understand the nature of this diet, please check its characteristics and benefits below:


– Gives greater emphasis on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans and nuts, olive oil as dietary oil, whole grain foods such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and couscous, as well as yogurt and cheese, on a daily basis. Physical activity is an inherent and natural part of daily activities, though this diet does not specify which types of activities are recommended. On a weekly basis, poultry meat, fish, eggs, and sweets are allowed. Red meat must be consumed periodically, in moderation. It also recommends more than 6 glasses of water per day and requires drinking of wine and other types of alcohol with every meal, also in moderation.

– It places emphasis on enjoying and savoring foods instead of consuming them in an almost robotic-like fashion.

– Foods in this diet are essentially high in antioxidants.

– It is a moderately strict diet.

– It was not fundamentally developed for weight loss though following this diet will definitely contribute to serious shedding of pounds through a constant and slow process.


– It boosts the health of the cardiovascular system because it recommends regular consumption of foods high in heart-friendly properties such as flavanoids and antioxidants.

– It reduces one’s risk of developing chronic and oftentimes fatal conditions such as diabetes, breast and colon cancers, hypertension and other heart-related conditions, and inflammatory diseases.

– It reduces the risk of developing degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

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