June 20, 2024


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Discover Why Product Placement Is Important To Companies Today!

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Today, marketing experts believe that a company has to make use of new communication channels to survive and stay ahead of the competition. This is why most companies are now leaning towards product placement or branded entertainment as new way to communicate with consumers. Through this channel, the retention rates will increase even in this fast paced society as more people will see and remember the mass media advertisements. Read on to find out why product placement is now an important marketing tool for companies.

What is Product Placement?

Products placements and branded entertainment can be described as subliminal communication channels. Subliminal in this case means that, companies are using advertisements in subtle ways in movies or television shows today to sell ideas, services and products. In fact some of these messages are really hard to miss, especially since they are featured heavily in the most popular television shows and films.

When products are placed in the most popular movies and shows, more people will associate with particular brands and ultimately this will help those companies to benefit from increase revenues.

Why Companies Are Using Product Placement?

Since traditional marketing has proven to be the less feasible approach to take when promoting ideas and brands these days, increasingly more marketers are making use of branded entertainment strategies. Be it films or television shows, branded entertainment is far more effective when it comes to reaching a mass audience or even as part of customized campaigns to target specific audiences. Even though some critics believe that this type of marketing blur the lines between media content and reality, there is no doubt that these advertisements are thriving both in the non-paid and paid forms. Of course, all the companies would want to take advantage of this medium to increase revenue.

According to the reports, branded entertainment and product placement are being used extensively in fast emerging marketplaces such as China and India. It is said that India is in the top five of the overall rankings worldwide for product placements initiatives and they are predicted to become stronger in the coming years to match up with the companies in the USA. Bollywood is partly responsible for this phenomenal development as they have accepted branded entertainment efforts and are even joining forces with top brands such as Sony and Reebok.

Generally speaking, although the marketers are placing products subtly in advertisements, the ultimate goal is definitely to create a perception amongst viewers to help increase the company’s bottom line. This is why product placement and branded entertainment is now the preferred choice to improve brand awareness. This marketing strategy is worth considering if you are looking for a way to stand out and achieve success in this competitive market.

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