February 23, 2024


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Divine Positioning For Divine Placement

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Everything in life has its place. The importance of place can be seen in the creative work of God in the beginning. Places where made before people were created. The Earth was first designed and the Garden of Eden planted ever before man was created. Your placement in life is very important as it determines a lot of things in your life. People relate with one another base on where they are placed.
Your positioning will certainly determine your placement. This is true as you see it applicable in every facet of life.

Where you are positioned in life matters a lot. If you are wrongly positioned, you will be wrongly placed even nature teaches us that. The Sun, Moon and Stars are all unique in the way each performs, because they are rightly positioned and properly placed.
If you place a square peg in a round hole it definitely will not fit in. If in need of water and you open the tap to allow water flow, but position your container wrongly, you will get nothing.

To start with, you first must be positioned in God to be rightly placed in life. Anything that stands outside God is out of place.
Acts17:26 ” For in Him we live and move and have our being”.
Colossians2:10a “In Him we are complete”.
It reveals that divine positioning and placement is in God. Position yourself in God and you will rightly placed in life.

Everyone wants to be highly placed, how many have really consider where they are positioned? There is a place for every man in destiny, because in life; there is no vacuum. Your success, progress and association is dependent on your positioning. Birds of a feather flock together. You must understand that your position in life changed from the moment you gave your life to God. Everything about you totally changed.
The scripture teaches that every man is equal in the sight of God. If that be the case, why are some highly placed than others? I know someone might be saying its hard work of course. This is not true in itself, because we can see people who put in more effort to their and still do not rank up to those who do less. The truth is that your positioning determines your place and you can not be rightly and well positioned in life except in God.

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