May 23, 2024


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Don’t Know If You’re Astral Projecting? Here Are 10 Signs That You’re Ready For Astral Projection!

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Astral projection has its own set of symptoms or signs. Now, when we use the term symptom to describe a sensation or event during or before astral projection, that is actually a positive thing.

Symptoms tell us that we are doing something right and we are coming closer and closer to success. Here are 10 of the most common symptoms of a person who is about to embark on a remarkable voyage through astral projection.

1. Temperature change

The sensation of temperature change varies from person to person. Some people say that they feel as if a cold breeze will enter the room during a projection, while others feel warmth or heat.

2. Vibrations

Vibrations are common for people trying to project. The sensation is usually mild at first but gradually builds up force as the person’s relaxation and concentration increases.

Is your body actually vibrating? Not really. This state of vibration is caused by your mind’s intense concentration. Vibration is considered one of the best signs that a person is nearing his goal of astral projection.

3. Buzzing

Actually, people hear different sounds right before the projection. Buzzing is only the most common sound. Some people hear birds chirping or bells ringing during astral projection.

What is common about all these experiences involving sound is that the intensity soon becomes overwhelming. If the sounds becomes too loud or overwhelming, simply tolerate it because you are about to reach the astral planes. So as a symptom becomes more intense, the closer you are to your goal of projecting.

4. Rapid heart rate

In connection with all the other sensations, one can also feel a change in one’s heart rate. This is normal, though you may want to relax a little bit more if your heart rate becomes painfully fast.

5. Movement sensation

Movement sensation is tied with other symptoms such as proportion change and even weight change. If you feel like you are flying, the projection is imminent.

6. Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis usually occurs when you are about to make the final jump from the physical realm to the astral realm. In some cases, your ability to move your legs or arms will be temporarily suspended as your spirit and mind reaches the exit point which leads to the astral realm. Again, this is perfectly safe and is not a permanent condition.

7. Visual hallucinations

During astral projection, your mind (as well as your imagination) is very active. So active in fact that images and scenes seem more real and sometimes, more unsettling than what you were normally accustomed to. Do not be afraid. Whatever you see is just in your mind.

8. Breathing changes

Breathing changes often occur when a person is overly-excited or tense during the astral projection. If you feel short of breath, simply calm down and try to perform deep breaths until your breathing returns to normal once again. Do not panic – this is simply your body’s way of signaling to you that you are not as relaxed as you should be during the projection.

9. Weight changes

Two things can happen to your perception of weight just before astral projection. You can either: feel very heavy, as if your body has gained so much mass that gravity is pulling you harder or you can feel so light that you feel as if you might float away. The sensations of weightlessness, floating or soaring are all normal symptoms of astral projection.

10. Proportion changes

Proportion change can sometimes occur alongside weight change. During projection, a person can feel as if he were shrinking to a smaller size. Or, the opposite can happen. He can also feel as if he were expanding or growing.

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