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Dreams Meaning-Dream Symbols and Craziness

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Carl Jung was my teacher since I exactly followed his difficult method, by reading each one of his books more than 5 times until I could understand them completely. At the same time, I was also interpreting my own dreams, which helped me really understand what he was talking about. However, my merit as the one who continued his work was given to me first of all thanks to my own literature. The book I wrote after a terrible car accident I suffered when I was 15 years old was in fact written by the unconscious that produces the dreams and is responsible for many artistic and religious manifestations. I, the writer, didn’t really understand the deeper meaning of my words. This book gave me a map, a key, everything I needed in order to better understand the dreams’ meaning than Carl Jung, my mentor.

Using his method I could understand the dreams and the symbolic meaning of my own literature, written after a tragic event after which I lost my faith and became an atheist, until I got married, when I was 22 years old and I regained my faith, although I didn’t care much about the existence of God. I only started accepting the possibility of his existence, while before I was even aggressive against religion and their believers.

I wrote this book over a span of 6-and-a-half years. I even got tired of it, I didn’t care about it and later, I simply abandoned it since I decided to live in Greece and it was written in Portuguese. A Brazilian friend tried to publish it in Brazil and found where I could do that but I had to pay for the publication and I didn’t want to invest in that book that was not a common one, also because I was far from the country… My friend even said that it was not the kind of book that people would like to read, because it was too complicated. It was not a popular book. It was a mythological romance, and it was very strange, written with many complicated words. It was at the same time very classical and very modern. I characterized it as a “philosophical romance” and even had the intention to start a new genre based on my definition of the type of work I wrote.

But I was living in Greece and had other plans with my husband. So, this book remained forgotten for 7-and-a-half years, when suddenly I understood that I had to reread it, after learning how to interpret my dreams very well. I had even started to write a complicated book in order to prove to the world that the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung was the only one who discovered the only correct method for the interpretation of dreams, when I reread my strange romance entitled “The philanthropic beggar”.

Thanks to this book, I could directly and very easily interpret a dream that Carl Jung didn’t know how to interpret himself, even though he understood that it had a very important meaning because its symbols were very strong. The dream was dreamt by a theologian. Jung even said that the unconscious wastes its symbols with generosity because he couldn’t understand why that theologian saw such an important dream, with symbols that were clearly very powerful and meaningful.

I thought that he would interpret this strange and impressive dream in the end of his comments, but he never did it. Many times, Jung didn’t interpret the dreams he showed in his books and he only interpreted some symbols or none at all, but he could perceive that they were meaningful.

I saw the dreams’ meaning so clearly that I wrote it in my scientific book. Then I started to translate the symbolic meaning of “The philanthropic beggar”.

I’m more than sure that if Jung was alive and he could read this book he would be very impressed with it! It was a real gift from the unconscious for me! Anyone would understand what I understood if they knew how to interpret the symbols of the unconscious. I even thought I should send it to Jung’s students…

Nevertheless, in the end I had to continue the book I started to write in order to prove that Jung discovered the only correct method for dream interpretation in another way, since I discovered what was hidden in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere after continuing Jung’s research. He abandoned the research at a certain point because he was afraid to continue, but I had to do what he couldn’t do with the knowledge he had in his time. He couldn’t really continue, he had started the research and what he did was formidable! He couldn’t do more than that.

However, the unconscious was expecting from me to continue his research and discover the other side of the human conscience that provokes craziness to our human conscience. So, I delayed presenting my book to the world by 19 years, so that I could continue Jung’s research.

Of course, I can interpret dreams much better than Jung could. But that’s something I started doing in 1988, when I started writing my complicated scientific book. I didn’t delay revealing my work on dream interpretation to the world by that many years because I didn’t have any more to show than Jung did; however, because of what I saw, since I could understand more and see more, it had to wait.

The dream seen by the theologian was that there was a black magic wise man wearing a white cloak and there was a white magic wise man wearing a black cloak. They needed one the other.

The interpretation is based on the symbolic meaning. A black man shall not be considered bad only because he is black, of course, but this is the symbolic meaning that is present in dreams. Similarly, a white man shall not be considered good either, because usually he is very bad. But in dreams, he has the meaning of a good man, since the white colour symbolizes good and black, bad. This is a symbolic definition that is completely beyond racism, especially because the unconscious is against hatred. The definition given here is only a translation of symbolic meanings. Besides, I personally am against racism; I wouldn’t write anything that could have that character. I even have very good black friends in Brazil who are the same as and even much better than many white people I know.

The interpretation is that the black magic wise man signifies our conscience, which is considered good because it wears a white cloak, although it is actually bad because it is black. The white magic wise man is the unconscious that produces the dreams, which is considered bad since he wears a black cloak because psychiatrists and psychologists believe that craziness comes from that side of human psychic sphere, while craziness actually comes from our conscience, not from the wise and saintly unconscious that produces the dreams, as Jung thought. Continuing his research, I could clearly see that craziness comes from the wild side of the human conscience, which is completely selfish and not from the unconscious, which has a saintly nature.

However, Jung made a very serious religious and philosophical mistake: he thought that the unconscious could be evil and good at the same time, because he believed in a moral without bad or good. That’s why he thought that the unconscious could not only save the human being from craziness but also provoke it within the human being.

I didn’t make this mistake, because sanctity cannot coexist with evil. Evil is the opposite of sanctity and where there is even only a spot of evil there can be no sanctity. Evil can only come from the selfish conscience that pushes the human being towards craziness with the desires it imposes upon its ego. The ego is a vehicle that the wild side of human conscience uses to push the human side of human conscience to the labyrinth of craziness.

The black magic wise man and the white magic wise man needed one another because the black (bad) human conscience needs the orientation of the white (good) unconscious, but the saint unconscious also depends on the obedience of the bad black human conscience to its wise directions, otherwise it has no power to cure the human being from craziness.

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