April 19, 2024


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Educational Posters for Classrooms Boost Visual Learning

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The Facts: Visual Learning & Educational Posters for Classrooms

According to academics, around 65% of us are visual learners, and a substantial number of kinaesthetic (those who learn through ‘doing’) and auditory learners also find clear, visual information and techniques useful when they are learning and revising. In this article we will take a closer look at why educational posters for classrooms are such effective learning resources, no matter what age you are or what level you are at.

Here are some key visual learning facts about learning styles which make posters for classrooms so useful:

· 65% of us are visual learners:

The majority of people worldwide are visual learners. This means that most people learn best by linking images with key ideas and vital information.

· Kinaesthetic and auditory learners benefit from visual methods:

Although the remaining 35% of us learn mostly through doing and listening, visual learning resources, like educational posters from classrooms are also helpful.

· Very few people learn in just one way:

Although most people have a strong preference one way or another, nobody learns in just one of these three ways, it is often a mixture. This means that using educational posters in classrooms is helpful for every student.

These are a few reasons that educational posters for classrooms are so useful. The facts suggest that educational posters are excellent resources for visual learners and can even help kinaesthetic and auditory learners to learn and improve their knowledge.

How Educational Posters for Classrooms Boost Learning

Learning resources, such as educational teaching posters for classrooms, which mix strong, relevant images with clear text make a huge difference to learning, no matter how old a student is, or what they are studying. Visual learning techniques which use educational posters for classrooms allow students to:

· Understand subjects clearly

Clear and interestingly presented visual information allows students to see how facts, figures and other information are connected. Using posters in classrooms gives students a much wider and more in depth appreciation of their subject.

· Memorise new information

Studies have shown that, when you link a new piece of information to a strong image, you are much more likely to remember that fact later. This technique works extremely well when you use posters in classrooms both for teaching new ideas and for revision purposes.

· Think more critically

Visual learning using resources like educational posters for classrooms allows students to gain a wider and more thorough understanding of their subject. This allows them to see the connections and relationships between facts, memorise details and think more critically about the subject.

These are just as few of the ways in which the utilisation of educational teaching posters for classrooms can help all students. It might sound simple but educational posters for classrooms which use strong, memorable images with useful text directly improve students’ fact retention and wider, long-term understanding of their subjects. The key is getting the right blend between pictures and facts, and ensuring that the information is both easily digestible and visually interesting.

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