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English Literature for Shaping Your Ideas

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Literature has got its own charm and attraction from the time immemorial. The people from different strata and community have contributed a lot in the advancement of the subject to a great height. Here, if we give a close eye to the subject, we will find that there is a remarkable change in the pattern and style of the writing that is practiced today by the people at large.

Foundation for Present Writers

In the age of Chaucer, who contributed enormously in correcting the language, and giving fabulous and astonishing poetry with insurmountable imagination of the age? The trend was further followed by Milton, Shally, Williams Wordsworth, and Wentworth – to name a few. The type of foundation these great legends created is helping tremendously to the present writers in shaping their ideas.

Present Writing

Now, if we talk about the present generation, writing has evolved into many forms and types that are hard to pen down in the single article. But, every effort is made to give you the basic idea about the subject and enhance your understanding about the subject matter. The popular form of writing that is practiced in the present day is all about novels, dramas, poetry, prose, travelogue, stories, and of course food and delicacy that has grown in its own innovative ways around the world.

Noteworthy Features

Here, some of the noteworthy features that give sparkling display of the subject matter of English literature are,
• Virginia Woolf is a great feminist writer who has written a lot about the woman condition, their sufferings, and their ultimate survival.
• Mark Twin novel’s “The Adventure of Tom Shower” and “The Adventure of Huckleberry Fin” is a remarkable narration, giving enough insight to the writers to shape their ideas and bring clarity in their subject matter.
• William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” is great work of writer’s imagination; and also won noble prize for English literature.

The above illustration is just a small glimpse that the writer has to follow, understand, and practice while putting the effort in English writing.

Subjects for Writers to Choose

There are several instances from where you can take inspiration and give you views, and make the society understand the gravity of the situation, and no doubt it is a great effort in making a change in the society, as whole. Here, the different subject that can used by the writer for narration are environmental scenario, religious system, education system, political system, child condition, and last but not the least, rules and regulations being formed to maintain the advancement of the civilization. The views and understanding of the writer is unique and it amicably creates a curiosity among the readers.

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