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Evil and the Devil

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The origins of life, in the metaphysical sense, began with the creation of the celestial beings. According to Edgar Cayce’s readings of the Akashic Record, first came the Son, the Logos, or the Word — as indicated in John’s Gospel: “In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Out of the Word or this central primordial expression of life, all else was created. Again in John’s Gospel: “All things were made through this One.” In Cayce’s readings: “We have first the Son, then the other sons or celestial beings that are given their force and power.” Evil and the forces of what humanity has called the Devil developed as a result of rebellion against the flow of creation, the harmony of the original ideal that all life was to follow. Cayce puts it this way (note: the emphasis and parentheses are Cayce’s):

“That force which rebelled in the unseen forces (or in spirit) that came into activity, was that influence which has been called Satan, the Devil, the Serpent; they are One. That of REBELLION! When man in any activity rebels against the influences of good he harkens to the influence of evil rather than the influence of good. Will is given to man for the choice. As given, ‘There is set before thee (man) good and evil.’ Evil is rebellion. Good is the Son of Life, of Light, of Truth; and the Son of Light, of Life, of Truth came into physical being to demonstrate and show and lead the way for man’s ascent to the power of good over evil in a material world. As there is, then, a personal savior, there is the personal devil.”

In Western scripture we have the legend of the Sons and Daughters of Man versus the Sons and Daughters of God. Cayce explains that these were the self-seeking, rebellious celestial beings battling with the God-centered, cooperating celestials. Both groups began to incarnate in the Earth. Both spirits began to manifest in matter.

For a time, these two opposing influences counterbalanced one another’s influences in the world. But, as even the Mayan legends tell us, good was overcome by evil’s lure. The biblical statement that “the Sons of God looked upon the Daughters of Men and saw that they were fair; and took them wives of all they chose,” indicates the fall of the well-intended celestial beings, who were only attempting to counter the influences of evil. This passage is found in Genesis, chapter six, along with the only mention of the powerful mighty beings of ancient times, the Nephilim. These gods of old lost their power as they succumbed to the distractions of self-seeking and rebellion.

Cayce explains that those who pushed their way into matter willfully, not in cooperation with God and Nature, “were called the Sons of the Earth or Sons of Man.” He explains that “the Creative Forces, God, then made the first man — or first God-man.” This physical being “was the beginning of the Sons of God.” Cayce continues: “Then those souls who entered through a channel made by God — not by thought, not by desire, not by lust, not by things that separated continually — were the Sons of God, the Daughters of God.” Implied in Cayce’s readings is that souls were not necessarily trapped in one group or another, but could move between them by using their wills to change their ways.

In today’s world, Cayce warns that there is “only a very thin veil between sublime and ridiculous, thinner between good and evil.” He teaches, as do so many others, that the real judge of an action or thought is the motivation behind it. If the motivation is self-seeking, self-gratifying, self-exalting, then no matter how good the action or thought may appear, it gives strength to the forces of evil. He also stretches our understanding by teaching that the “desire to do good and to be good is not man’s problem alone, but to be good FOR SOMETHING, to be good as a purposefulness! But doing good for Good’s sake; doing good because it brings contentment, it brings harmony, it brings peace, it brings associations that create in the hearts of the associates JOY and HOPE and the LONGING for the greater knowledge of the SOURCE of good” (Cayce’s emphasis).

In closing, Cayce channels this wonderful piece of wisdom: “Love, mercy, and justice eschew evil; and keep thy heart SINGING all the while.”

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