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Four Color Printing – Creating a Visual Appeal in Your Print Ad

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The essential tool in building your business brand and identity in terms of direct marketing is by using an effective advertisement. You can only make your marketing statements appealing to your customer and potential prospects by creating an ad that provides a visual memory of your brand, product and service.

There’s no secret with regards to what can make your print ads memorable to your target. The key is to use the right colors and proper image placements that builds up interest and makes a big difference.

Since your ad would rely greatly in color, getting the right colors for your ad may be a challenging task. But sometimes, getting the actual colors that you picked for your design on print can be more challenging.

Color Reproduction – The Challenge

o In getting your prints done, one of the most problematic issues when dealing with printers is getting the right colors in print. Your design may look vibrant on your computer screen but it will not have the same color brilliance once you have it printed.

o There is a discrepancy with how your projects look onscreen and how they will be printed. Colors on screen are projected by light while paper merely relies on natural light for us to normally see the world and its beautiful colors with our eyes. Make sure that your monitors are calibrated properly so you know you are viewing, using and retaining the right colors for your prints.

o Images you see on monitor may look good but you will not get the same results once these images are printed. Bright colors can turn dull because there are colors in RGB that CMYK can’t translate. Always have your designs and images in CMYK

o To keep your design in pleasing and accurate colors you need to convert your design from RGB to CMYK before picking up colors for your artwork. Select colors using the CMYK gamut and this will give you better control on how colors would come out once printed.

Color Printing for an Effective Ad

o Four color printing can provide an exciting appeal to your print marketing materials. It provides flexible design options. You get better dimension for your designs and a better visual impact to your brand.

o Four color advertisements are more captivating than one-color or two-color print ads simply because you can use any color imaginable for your design. Pictures and images come to life and colors demand attention. You get a wider range in terms of designing possibilities.

o However, colors may become handy in four color printing but overdoing it can destroy your marketing impact. Too many colors can lower readability and distract your readers away from your message.

o Putting too many colors, too many texts or too many images on your design will definitely not work. Put white space to your design to give it some breathing room.

By mixing the right elements combined with a dash of ingenuity, your four color printing ads and promo materials can fully captivate visual interest and become successful in communicating your message.

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