April 19, 2024


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Four Types of Toxins Harmful to Our Body

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Our body needs to be cleansed in due time to keep it healthy and clean. The process known as metabolism is responsible for the timely cleansing of our system. Metabolism usually takes 12 – 24 hours to complete and at the end of the process body toxins are flushed out of the body through excretion.

If wastes are not removed from the intestinal tract in time, the human anatomy has a tendency to take it back or absorb them once more in to it. They get synthesized to poisonous body toxins. The human body by nature is made to protect itself from the development of toxins to a certain extent. However, other imbalances occur to body like tiredness, nervousness etc and simultaneously disturbs the usual functions of the body. This in turn results in disparity in inner secretion. The body toxins if remained in the body will enter other organs through circulation of blood; resulting in obesity, constipation, endocrine imbalance etc.

There are mainly four kinds of body toxins found in our body. Let us take a look.

Free radicals are the first among the body toxins which can be seen in human body. Free radicals in correct proportion are beneficial to our system. It protects human body from the harmful effects of chemicals and other materials. However, if they are present in human body in excess, the outcome will be extremely harmful. Excessive free radicals produce strong corrosion and destroy body cells, augmenting chances of aging, causing different types of allergies and cardiovascular ailments.

Cholesterol is another toxin to jeopardize the human health. Like free radicals, cholesterol also is beneficial to human body, if the amount is not in excess. It is vital to have cholesterol in right proportion in our body to keep our organs healthy. Nevertheless, if cholesterol in take is high and continuing, the cholesterol level raises, which results in the rise of serum cholesterol, concurrently raising the risk of heart diseases. The largest part of cholesterol is created by the liver. We should be careful to keep the cholesterol level in control by avoiding high cholesterol food articles.

Another harmful toxin is lactic acid. It makes people exhausted. Other signs of the presence of lactic acid are hypo-dynamia, fatigue etc. Lactic acid gets build up with gluconic acid in human body to turn blood acidic.

The fourth toxin which is harmful to body is uric acid. It is a product of metabolism. Uric acid is released by kidney. If the collection of uric acid is more than the usual standard, it will get collected in soft tissues and body joints to create severe inflammation.

The toxins should be removed from our body in time, to keep our body healthy. Maintaining the stability of metabolism is the key to remove harmful toxins from our body. We should be careful to include food stuffs that increase the metabolism rate so that harmful toxins get expelled from our system without delay and maintains the overall health of our body.

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