May 22, 2024


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Full Finger Armor Ring – Original Armour Ring Concept

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They say that a picture paints a thousand words and that is none more true than when talking about a full finger armor ring. To really try and capture the essence of what they are on paper is difficult without doing them a disservice, they really do need to be seen to be truly appreciated.

It has to be said that a full finger armor ring is pretty much a work of art for sure. By the dictionary definition we are looking at a ring because it goes on your finger but, that is where the concept of your normal piece of finger jewelry goes right out of the window and convention is left standing.

Covering from the base of your chosen digit up to your second knuckle or just under your nail bed, they are visually dramatic and the impact they have when wearing one is just phenomenal. I have never had a piece of jewelry cause such interest ever. Perfect strangers have approached and asked questions in what can only be described as awe inspired tones.

Having established that you are in fact wearing a ring, the how can I get one type enquiries come thick and fast. The first time it happened was amazing but the fact that it still continues to provoke such a reaction when I have it on is just fascinating and has taken a bit of getting used to.

So, what is it that causes such a stir? Apart from covering so much more of your finger than normal, which is probably what draws the eye in the first place, they are not for the faint hearted. You really feel that are you privileged to have one of these awesome finger adornments, they definitely ooze a quiet mystery which is to be wholly respected.

With names like medieval ring, gothic ring and armor ring used too, it may give you more of an idea of what to expect when you see one for the first time, images of Knights of old dressed in armour and fighting for a maidens honour spring to mind, for sure.

Certainly some of the designs capture and depict the style of those times. Being cleverly jointed in the same places as your own finger, you have your own piece of personal protection on your hand that moves very fluidly and as easily as you do. That said, I think that you are looking at a very unisex appeal because, where there are some that are intricate and delicate and others that are rugged and robust too. Generally made of pewter or sterling silver a full finger armor ring is so much more than a few words on a page. Breathtakingly different, if you love to express yourself in a unique way then I think you will be amazed and inspired by what you see.

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