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Getting Great Sound From Your Home Theater

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One of the most important pieces of a home theater is the sound system. A good sound system can greatly enhance your movie watching experience and a good home sound system can replicate the movie-theater sound effects on a smaller scale.

When installing a sound system in your home theater, you need to think about the size and shape of the room as well as where the viewers will be seated. Placing the speakers – especially the center speaker, in the optimum position for every seat in the house will ensure a good movie experience for everyone!

Here’s some things to think about when choosing and installing the sound system for your home theater:

1. A good home theater should have at least five speakers. You should have three in the front positioned at the right of the viewers, the left and the center. There are two surrounds also which are generally in the back on either side. If you really want super duper realistic sounds, you can add more but five will do the trick on a budget.

2. The center speaker is the key speaker and the best location for it is either on top of the television itself, in the center, or just below it. Some televisions will allow for placement behind the screen as well, as is the case with some projection set ups.

3. When placing your center speaker, remember that the tweeter is in an optimum position when it is at ear level for the viewers. If the speaker is mounted on top or below the screen, line up the front with the television’s front for best sound quality and aim the speaker at the seating area. Try to keep the center speaker an equal distance from the listening position as the left and right speakers.

4. Set a realistic budget for your sound system before you go out shopping. Remember, a really top notch system can cost a lot so be sure to set an honest yet reasonable amount for the purchase limit and remember good is often more than sufficient.

5. Don’t just buy the first system you come across. Sure, you want to have your new sound system installed today, but it can pay to shop around. Compare the available options within your budget. Read reviews from consumer groups and even past customers. Find out which sound systems offer great clarity and hold up well, too.

6. Once you’ve listened to a few different systems within your price range, pick the system that is right for you. This means the one you like that is in your price range. Then make sure it’s installed correctly. Make sure speaker placement is right for sound optimization. Surround sound doesn’t work so well if the speakers are all lined up in a row without rhyme or reason.

7. You can have the system installed by a professional or do it yourself, but either way you need to think about safety and take care to hide wires for the speakers under carpets or run them professionally through the walls. There’s nothing worse than tripping on a speaker wire and yanking it out to mess up the system, not to mention that exposed wires don’t look that great. If you hate dealing with wires – consider going with wireless speakers.

Creating a great sound system for your home theater doesn’t have to be a huge and costly venture either. But it is an investment that makes all the difference in the world.

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