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Gum Removal in Cinemas

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When one owns a place of business, such as a movie theaters/cinema, it is important that the environment is comfortable for customers. This comfort factor makes gum removal in movie theaters/cinemas a matter of concern. After all, a moviegoer who finds gum stuck somewhere on his or her clothing is not often a happy customer. She or he may not return; it may be decided that it would be better to frequent a movie theater/cinema where gum removal is taken more seriously.

Gum removal in movie theaters/cinemas: a more pressing concern.

What makes gum removal in cinemas more pressing than gum removal in other businesses is the nature of this business. After each showing of a movie, another group of customers moves into the semi-dark cinema to enjoy the movie. Most cinemas hurriedly engage in quick carpet cleaning and sweeping, but stain removal is reserved for when there is more time to remove carpet stains and stains to the seats.

Chewing gum, however, is another story. If the chewing gum pollution in the cinema is not observed and then taken care of immediately, then an unwitting customer may sit or step in the gum. Gum removal in cinemas is important to take care of these problems. If the customer sits on gum, that person will be upset that the cinema has not received proper cleaning services prior to his or her sitting down. If the customer steps on gum, that gum may be tracked all over the cinema, or embedded in the carpet, leaving stains and forcing a method of removing chewing gum from carpets to preserve the clean and comfortable appearance of the cinema.

Successful businesses are not plagued by uncleanliness. This is where gum removal in cinemas comes in. A preponderance of carpet stains, dirty washrooms, and chewing gum decorated cinema seats indicate a sleazy joint, not a respectable cinema. In order to keep your cinema in good shape, it is important to make sure that you have the cleaning products to take care of all of these problems, especially chewing gum soiling, as gum often results in the spread of stains and problem areas, no matter where it is located.

Commercial cleaning supplies for gum removal can be expensive and even ineffective for the amount of money paid for them. Traditional chewing gum removers, such as an ice cube, do not work on hardened gum, and many of the freezing methods still require a great deal of work. What is needed is a gum remover that works quickly (so it can be used between shows) and is relatively inexpensive.

With Gum-Out, which has been on the market for 20 years and is a major contribution to cleaning technology, and is available at, you can take care of gum removal in cinemas with relative ease. The Gum-Out release agent is applied by a special plastic injector, which breaks the bond between the gum wad and the surface into which it is stuck. The product is inexpensive, and works very well to rid your cinema of chewing gum pollution. Each bottle of Gum-Out if used as directed will remove up to 125 lumps of chewing gum.

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