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How Intelligence Increasing Works and the Unity Technique For Genius Ideas

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Intelligence increase is one of the most sought-after human goals. Just think what you can do with a higher IQ: get better grades, go to a better university, get a better job, get a promotion quicker, make better friends etc. The list goes on. Obviously, I’m stereotyping quite a bit here, because IQ doesn’t necessarily give you any of these things, but it clearly helps to be smart.

So can IQ and intelligence even be increased? The answer is definitely yes. You see, genius building techniques are actually used by modern day philosophers and geniuses alike and these techniques all have their roots back in ancient Greek traditions. In particular, the philosopher Socrates invented a method that allowed people to extract sensational and inspirational ideas by specific ways of thinking. So intelligence increasing techniques are not something new to the 21st century. They have been used by thousands of people in the past, and have stood the test and proof of time.

In this article, I want to teach you some practical steps so you can increase your intelligence into the stratosphere, and i want to begin by explaining how intelligence increase works.

You see, the thoughts in your head which are the primary basis to increase your intelligence are not actually created by you. You do not make them, control them, or modify them. Instead, you actually receive them from a hidden source, deep in your mind. Scientists call this the subconscious mind and it is here that your thoughts actually come from. Intelligence increase is therefore increasing the established link with the subconscious mind because the thoughts move to the conscious, and from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind goes even further to be linked to an unconscious mind. This is more commonly known as the Universal Mind, and this ultimate level of mind permeates all living and inanimate things. And before i forget to mention, I’m not talking from a New Age or metaphysical perspective here. I’m talking from a genius-intelligence perspective.

Intelligence increase is therefore a matter of establishing even more solid connections between the different areas of mind, so that inspiration and matters of genius can come to the fore. They arise because the Universal Mind is the centre of all knowing. The more connected we become to it, the greater the inspiration that can arise.

Even then, the onset and the conscious existence of genius ideas in your head is not enough to achieve genius-intelligence. It’s one thing to have a 180-190 IQ, but its only in the proper “use” of your high intelligence that the true genius manifests. For example, we see that people can be exceedingly rich, though possessing only normal levels of intelligence. On the other hand, there are those who are super smart, but who remain poor.

So a genius-intelligence is definitely beneficial in your life, but it has to be coupled with the Correct Way of doing things, so that your genius can be manifested physically.

So the big question is, what steps can you take right now to increase your IQ? And what steps can you take right now to make sure you act in the correct way? First, you need to intend and know what your goal is. Second, you need to use the genius building techniques. Third, you need to act as if your goal is already true with firm believe. Fourth, you need to act now and physically move towards your goal. And remember what the question was above. It said “what do you need to do right now to increase your IQ”. Do yourself a favour. You cannot act where you are not. You cannot act where you have been. You cannot act where you want to go. . You can only act where you are. And that is now. So we need to start acting now to be a genius, and not sometime in the future.

For the sake of time, i will teach you a quick technique to increase your intelligence. It’s called the Unity Technique and it is super-advanced. You can find simpler techniques in other articles. The gains for this technique will not increase raw intelligence; it goes far beyond that to make genius come to you:

1. Place yourself in a relaxed environment
2. Remove your thoughts by focussing on the “emptiness” in between your thoughts.
3. Hold this state of mind as you breath
4. Hold this state of mind again as you physically move. This can be movement back and forth, or simply any time of bodily movement
5. Every time thoughts enter your head, focus on the physical environment in terms of its shapes, colours and sounds. This will help you calm and remove your thoughts once again
6. Once the state is fully held, act towards your goals in the most efficient manner possible. There should be no thoughts bouncing around in your head. You should be in “the zone” and in a state which you are willing to act with all your mind.

This is a formidable technique used by hundreds of geniuses throughout the ages. Here is why it works: Remember we said that the Universal Mind is where our intelligence comes from? Well, at the level of the Universal Mind, there is no thought, sound or consciousness. There is just being. So when you calm your thoughts to zero, and be entirely in the moment, you actually access the power of the Universal Mind! Now, all you have to do is act towards your goals, and your goals will come flying towards you, because the Universal Mind permeates all living and non-living things, and it knows the easiest way to get it wants. If you’re mindset is the Universal Mind, you automatically get what you want.

This will bring scores upon scores of genius ideas into your life. So treat it with the respect it deserves. Having a high IQ will definitely help along this path, and my other articles will help you.

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