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How to Align with Source?

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Last week I promised to share with you my unique technique that will empower you for the rest of your life… that is being in alignment with your true self, your Source Energy (the infinite, intelligent,
and powerful beyond limits… part of You).

And I know you may never have even met him/her. You have only heard about it. You may think ‘yes, it sounds probable, but who cares if I am not able to feel that way?’

You are right. I was thinking exactly like that 17 years ago. I had absolutely no clue as to what ‘Source Energy’ meant. The problem was that I experienced alignment with Source before even understanding
what it was. It took me years (literally) to integrate it.

One day I was walking along a path in a forest in Troy, NY, thinking of an exercise I had learned and that I wanted to perfect and use really well.

This meditative exercise involved feeling how everything around me was feeling, and therefore letting go of my small, ‘limited ego’ perspective.

I had been fighting this exercise and my ego had not yet authorized me to experience such a sense of unity and oneness.

The inner dialogue went a little like this:

‘You are kidding. You have no commonality with this tree with which you are trying to relate. It is impossible. And it is frightening! What would happen if you truly could…?’ You get my message here.

Well, one day I was finally tired of this internal dialogue. I made a Decision–(creation time!)–to succeed no matter what! ( I let go of the time it would take to accomplish this). I just walked…

After about 20 minutes of this exercise… totally absorbed in this exercise… imagining how it would feel to be every stone I found on my way… sensing their weight pulling them into the ground, etc…,
I lifted my eyes to see the rest of the forest. And to my total surprise, I WAS the forest! I had left my body limits and felt the wind in my leaves, and the peace of being rooted as a tree filled my heart. Everywhere I looked, there I was…

I could hear a whooshing sound that seemed to be my legs moving and that was all I could feel about my body.

When I arrived to the car, I was the hood, the door, the windshield. Everywhere I looked, I was there. I finally had to tap on my face and legs to return to my limited perception of myself. This is how I came to realize some of the viewpoint of Source: oneness, peace, an ‘everything is OK’ attitude. I felt a ‘no-judgment’ state of observation… being in the present moment, having a quiet mind, etc….

And I never lived this experience again.

But since then, I have experienced other aspects of source energy: being in the flow, acting upon inspiration, trusting the process, knowing.

There are many ways to experience alignment with your Source. On a daily basis we reconnect, and even in the space of a few moments at a time, we re-discover who we truly are.

If you want to make this connection more and more a part of your life, there is an intense work of ‘undressing’ to be done.

Last week, I clued you in on the internal dialogue of Source Energy, so that you can recognize when you are feeling in alignment with it.

This week, I want to teach you how to begin to get naked down to the core of who you truly are.

So if you read my previous newsletter, you have learned the most powerful belief management tool ever invented ! I am talking about the Q-Word System. You have chosen a ‘trigger word’ (Q-Word) that will help you dissolve the negative and limited beliefs you desire to let go.

To learn the Q-Word Method you will find it in my e-book: M-Power.
To buy my e-book, go to http://www.creationmastery.com/bookstore.html

We also listed several thoughts with which your true self is really in alignment.

The goal is to take a core belief with which your true self fully resonates with, and adopt it. Integrate it, and accept it as truth.

For that you will need release all the doubts and negative beliefs that are blocking you from adopting this new empowering belief. And this is where the Q-Word as a belief management tool comes handy.

So, let’s begin.

Today, let’s take the first belief with which your true self is aligned:

‘I love and accept myself fully.’

So, say out loud now (unless you are in public, of course. A declaration of self love in public is not yet common practice 🙂

‘I love and accept myself fully!’

Do you immediately feel a discomfort? A sense that you are lying to yourself?

I am guessing that you do. Most of us have learned to criticize, judge, and un-love ourselves.

You may love and accept some part of yourself, but not the whole enchilada. And until you learn to love and accept yourself fully, even with your weaknesses (forgiving your weaknesses) you will not be in alignment and vibrate as your true self.

You may fear that in accepting yourself fully, you close the door to the motivation to make positive changes in your lives.

Well, these are beliefs and fears that you need to release before you can adopt this new belief.
You may hold hundreds of these beliefs.

You may belief that if you have not been perfect–according to your standards–you don’t deserve to love and accept yourself fully. Remember, this is a belief, too. It is just a thought. Your true self
knows you are worthy of love just for existing.

So, let’s begin the cleansing:

Step 1: Affirm: ‘I love and accept myself’ (with your intention to make this belief a reality and feel it).

Step 2: State your Q-Word for 30 seconds focusing your attention on the discord, the malaise that you feel in your body when you say this. You will have beliefs, thoughts, memories coming up that you intent to dissolve as they come to the surface of your consciousness.

If you like images, hold an image in your mind while you are erasing of you holding a sponge and erasing your thoughts, beliefs and memories as they appear on a white board.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 as long as you need in order to feel truly aligned with this thought; until you KNOW that you truly love and accept yourself fully.

And this may take time. It may take several hours of work. What you are doing is making a new creation. Making a new decision. As creator of your reality, the past does not have to affect you. You can decide right now to change how you see yourself, and decide that you will love yourself.

There is no rules in the universe about why people should or should not love themselves. These rules have been artificially established by society.

Your true self is beyond human rules and limitations. Your true self is one with every thing –remember my story at the beginning– nothing is excluded. We are all one!

So, it is your decision as a creator. You can decide NOW to love yourself and do it!

Work on this one this week.

At the end of the week, you will have made a giant leap toward living in alignment with your Source Energy.

Remember: The more aligned you live with your Source Energy, the easier and faster you can manifest miracles in your life.

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