June 20, 2024


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How to Balance The See-Saw Of Modern Life With Your Loved One

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Losing your loved one at some point of time is quite painful. I hope to God that no one ever gets estranged unless a valid reason shoots up. Separations and distances are crevasses, an abyss formed in a relationship. You crave for her she craves for you and no matter what you try to keep the attachment afresh. That is fine because it’s your mental state that keeps you alive and buoyant for the upcoming situation. You would think it doesn’t matter if we aren’t together at the moment, but we will soon be bonded in a union that would be universal and unbroken. That hope keeps you alive from within.

Adults along with teenagers crave for so many things and aspects in a relation. Craving is the basic nature of humans and we cannot deny that. We crave for safety, we crave for love, care, sharing, listening and happiness that comes from our chosen partner. It is not entirely wrong and not entirely right. Platonic love does exist but it is very hard to keep up that level of relationship in these times where we have become quite needy. We absolutely need that things in life and it’s almost like breathing. Like our survival depends on that soul. People are attached to their parents, to their lovers, to their pets, to their partners and sometimes it gets to that point of no-return where you get obsessed with it or feel depressed without it. Attachment with a human is okay, but with material things made of plastic if they make you mad in their absence then you really need help.

We all know how to browse the net, surf the websites, click and post pictures and tell everyone how happy we are in our open but an actual clustered life span. Like for instance, if our partner refuses something or neglects us for few moments or days and doesn’t talk with us as we want, we start to doubt ourselves and that person’s susceptibility. The problem is each one thinks that he/she is a vulnerable liability in this cycle of life. “My partner is so strong that he/she wouldn’t care if I leave or anybody else leaves.” This thought makes us insecure at some levels because thanks to these social sites, we have become ogling peepers in our own house. What is my husband doing, who’s that handsome guy that my wife is talking to? What is my little girl doing by clicking so many selfies? These questions are a mount the level of insecurity and desire. I am not talking about the son/daughter thing, as it’s the basic protection and trait of safety but the thing that bothers us about the partner is that our lack of faith in the term of real love and loyalty. We live in a constant fear of being separated from them and to curb that down we pose more love (well technically more possession and a threat to his privacy and mental space) Just because we feel insecure of losing them we cluster their personal growth and development and in turn they get frustrated and starting to move away. This again makes us vulnerable and we try to act normal as they want, but inside we are screaming amidst our chaos of unsafe boundaries. We need them to be with us all the time but if they let out a bit of frustration we become normal again and try to search new ways of redefining our relations into a beautiful phase of life.

The good thing is balancing on this see-saw of life depends on both. If one is heavier and the other lacks weight of loyalty or weighs more in doubt then it is bound to remain unequal or the worst the see-saw would break your legs and your heart. Keep in mind that modern culture, modern groups and challenges to move ahead is sure to take a good amount of toil in maintaining a family or a love life. It is never going to be easy to take your partner into a complete hold and you overbar his/her stuff all the times. It’s never going to work. Remember this simple rule that an estranged string is going to break or hurt your fingers. Better you just hold it softly in your hands and let the winds of truth and loyalties blow them into the right direction of life.

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