April 19, 2024


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How to Bring Unity Among People: Within a Family to a Nation

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Bringing in unity among people requires skill, integrity and flexibility as well. Why is unity among people so important? Because unity is in itself strength and when strength is there, nothing at all is impossible. In this article, I cite various ways to bring unity among people, and it all starts with home and families and gradually spreading to a nation.

In a burgeoning home and family, responsibilities are only a few such as, paying off bills, earnings, looking after non-school going children, cooking, doing groceries, throwing trash to name a few. As the children go older, the responsibilities of the family also get bigger for example, which schools to send the children, their homework, taking them and bringing them from school, talking to them to see if they are doing OK etc. These require unity, co-ordination and cooperation of both the parents. Soon the children will grow up and attend all the way to High School and probably even opt for going to university. But the parents will have to intervene all the time, taking information of their kids if they are still doing OK. So it has to be a disciplined and unified family with discipline and unity running from parents to their children. One day some of these children will become the manager of a company, vice-chancellor of a university and even the president of a nation.

A manager of a company, for example, files a list of tasks for his company with the help of his assistant(s). Soon the task distributor is going to distribute tasks among appropriate team leaders. The team leader of each team is going to distribute sub-tasks to his team members, knowing his team members’ strengths, weaknesses and competence.The company is going to run efficiently. It is following a good system or a set of efficient rules and principles. But the manager has to continue to file listing of tasks afresh from time to time and the process continues. This is one example of bringing unity among working people and there is every strength in the process because it is a highly coordinated one.

As another example, a vice-chancellor runs a university. He shouldn’t deviate too much from existing rules and principles but conforming to existing ones, he should review them and improve a little once in a while. For instance, the holding of exams, the class lectures, the students’ tuition fees, appointment of new teachers, the list of vacancies, the library management, the laboratories’ management, the cafeteria management etc. should all fall into a regular rhythm. The vice-chancellor along with his subordinates, just like the manager of a company, sits in a meeting and resolves issues in any of these sectors and contemplates to bring about improvements (however not drastically), setting forth co-ordination, integrity and flexibility into the whole process.

How about the president of a nation? The same is true. The constitution is there, the rules, principles all set out there. He just needs to abide by them, again improving the strategies to some extent for the betterment and unification of the people of his country. But as I said before, I emphasize a little adjustment once in a while without breaking any rules otherwise parts of the process will begin to suffer.

To summarize, the more integrated and coordinated a family, the better the family is going to give birth to a manager of a company, vice-chancellor of a university or president of a nation, bringing in more unity and co-ordination among a nation.

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