June 20, 2024


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How to Discover Perfect Pitch in Singing

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Well.. This is true to an extent. Before you can even think about having perfect pitch or performing every note you sing right on key without question – you first have to master the three areas of the voice and balance them in a way that you are not thinking about the “notes” themselves – just singing and performing.

Before you can sing any song with accuracy, it is extremely important to be very familiar with the notes within the melody. You need to know the melody well enough that you can sing the melody without any music – a cappella- not only in the key it was written but you should also be able to sing it modulating a half step up or down etc.

The core of this technique is you want to assign “colors” to every note. These “colored tones” will paint a more vivid aural image in your mind of the melody itself.

In addition to coloring, the third step of the mental game is to acquire the ability to actually “hear” the note you are going to sing a millisecond prior to actually delivering each note.Through recall-memory and color association, you will quickly be able to mentally “hear” each note in your head before you ever sing. Pavarotti was a master of the millisecond singing technique. Combined with his flawless mastering of the Bel Canto method and this technique, he was able to produce almost perfect pitch in every performance. Armed with these tools and other that I teach within this system, you will be able to freely express yourself vocally without worrying about pitch.

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