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How to Play Guitar Chords – Understand Chords – Basic and Useful Tips For Beginners

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Before learning how to play guitar chords, one should understand what is the definition of guitar chords and how it formed. This article will explain more about the basic knowledge of guitar chords, the important chords, and tips to ensure that you do it correctly.

A chord is a combination of tones that produces a melody and usually been played on guitar. It is a combination of different notes and can be play either by plucking or strumming method. It can consist of two or three notes and sometimes more. Sometimes it is been played with only one note.

Chords can be grouped into two types, which is minor and major. The most basic guitar chords is C, A, G, E, D, or in short CAGED. If you are still new to the guitar, mastering the basic guitar chords is the most important thing you should do. Many artists out there, especially a professional guitar player acknowledges that it will provide a smooth and easy way to manipulate the other difficult chord.

In order for you to easily learn a guitar chord, you must first know or able to read the chord diagram. A chord diagram is an illustrations and instructions on how to play guitar chords. The information in the chord diagram should be clear for each chord pattern. This way it can ensure that a musician can read or interpret it accurately.

Now, try to imagine yourself being in front of your guitar and concentrate on the guitar fret board. You will notice that the whole fret board consists of six strings. These strings will produce a tone or melody when you press it while you are strumming. For beginners, it is best that you try to play and memorize the five basic guitar chords pattern described previously.

Many newbie will often complain about their fingers will start to feel hurt during or after playing a guitar. You do not have to worry if this happens because it is common for newbie. However, if it does not hurting your fingers when playing the guitar, it means that you do not do it properly. The correct way to do it is to press the string firmly to produce a good sound. Make sure that it does not generate any buzzing sound. If this happens, press the string with a bit harder.

Important tips

1. You need to cut your long fingernails, as they will make it difficult for you to press the guitar strings correctly.

2. Do not let your other part of your hand touching the guitar string when pressing a chord.

3. Make sure that you are using your fingertips to press the guitar string. In addition, make sure your finger is in a vertical position.

4. Remember to press all the notes at the same time while plucking or strumming.

5. You will need a lot of practice to memorize every chord shape. One of the easiest ways to memorize the chord is to choose your favorite songs. However, you must ensure that the song consists of the basic guitar chords.

6. Most important is that it requires patience and concentration.

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