May 20, 2024


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Improve Your Golf Swing With Golf Swing Trainers

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Golf swing trainers are an excellent and easy way to help improve your swing.  Alternatively you can hire a pro golf instructor to help you with your swing, however swing golf trainers are significantly more efficient and cost a whole lot less.

Golf aids such as dual hinge swing trainers are available as drivers or irons and the way they work is fairly simple.  Two thirds of the way down the club is a hinge.  The golf trainers main purpose is to teach you how to swing with the correct tempo and timing and more importantly, swing in the correct golf swing plane.  The three criteria previously mentioned are the core components of a great golf swing and if you get one incorrect the dual hinge golf swing trainer instantly lets you know by the hinge flipping open and the club breaking at the hinge.  This is an excellent feature, as it lets you know exactly at what point you are making an error.  Therefore, if you are out of the correct golf swing plane or out of tempo and timing in your take away, back swing, down swing or follow through, the club immediately breaks, identifying your problem area that you need to improve on.

Learning to swing this club without breaking it is the key to successfully achieving a great swing and can be used anywhere to practice.  Lots of people practice an incorrect swing and end up wasting a lot of time and effort.  Remember, practice makes permanent, not perfect so you really want a practice club that is going to help you not hurt you and therefore using a dual hinge golf trainer is an ideal tool.

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