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Is There a Difference Between Life Coaching and Success Coaching?

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Can one be a life coach and also be a success? Are there different strategies and skills that success the coaches use that are not employed in a life coaching practice?

Life Coaching and Success Coaching Differ Because of Emphasis

Life and success coaches certainly experience much overlap in the skills, knowledge, and tools they use with their clients. The differences between them are few. However, their focus and emphasis may be different with respect to some of their work.

What do Goals Mean for a Life Coach and a Success Coach?

Coaches usually have clients that seek specific, external goals. For example, an academic success coach might be helping a student learn better study and time management habits that will directly result in a better grade point average, higher SAT scores, or increased graduate school admittance test scores.

Though the life of coaches also seek to help clients reach their goals, people often come to them without any idea of what goals they have. They can certainly help client identify goals, but that is one of the most prevalent and important tasks.

Both life coaching and success coaching focus on goals, but in general, life coaches tend to identify and work with broader goals, while coaches tend to emphasize specific, measurable and previously identified goals.

There are more often work within the emotional sphere while success coaches more often work within an academic context.

Life Coaches and Success Coaches Overlap in Many Way

Though there are differences between them. There are so many similarities that many call themselves to more narrowly define their niche.

Both of them can help with goals that don’t appear as career accomplishments or monetary profits. Both types can help with slightly more intangible results (be a better person, have more success in dating, etc.). They can help their clients develop more self-discipline, which usually leads to more success or the attainment of goals.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Labels

Our society seems obsessed with labels. Are you Republican or Democrat? Are you liberal or conservative? Do you believe in this or that? What is your title? Do you support this or do you support that?

The differences between them almost doesn’t matter. Would there be a better for this or that client? Does the name truly matter?

Both types of coaches can help clients identify, clarify, and achieve their goals. One may have a different focus or emphasis, but both can help clients find the outcomes they seek and assist them with reaching their goals.

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