May 20, 2024


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Keyboard Lessons – Simple, Fast, and Focused!

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When most people think of taking keyboard lessons, they already have a certain style in mind. Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, New Age… all these styles are available to learn.

The problem is, most students, especially adult students don’t want to wait months or even years before they can play something that sounds like music. Especially with the classical style, students are expected to master note reading and do everything “correctly” before they get to play something creative.

And what they do end up playing is usually a piece that was written way before their grandparents were born.

The solution to this is to learn a chord-based approach first!

What do you think Bach, Beethoven and other classical composers used to create their music? Chords! They knew how to compose certainly, but by using chords, they were able to think creatively and quickly block out entire sections of music.

You don’t need many chords to begin with. Just a few to explore the world of music. One chord position I’m fond of, the Open Position Chord, allows beginning students to create a modern sounding seventh chord and use both hands right away. It’s really a great way for students to begin their study of chords.

Think of guitar players as an analogy for music making. Do they begin their study of the guitar by learning how to read music? Usually not. I say usually because classical guitarists have to read music but in every other genre – rock, jazz, fingerstyle, chords are what is emphasized. Students choose the style they want to play in, then find teachers or books that give them instruction on how to construct chords on the guitar. They’re also taught how to create chord progressions.

Within an hour or so, the beginning guitar player is creating their own music! Piano lessons can be the same way. Of course, teachers can and do teach a chord-based approach to playing the piano but they can make a lot more money by dragging students along for years as they read notes and play other peoples music.

If you want something a little less daunting start by learning chords. It’s simple, fast, and a very focused way to learn the piano!

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