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Linux Fdisk, Parted and Disk Druid Hard Disk Partitioning in Red Hat Linux – Linux Commands Training

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Using the Linux fdisk and parted Commands / Utilities

The main Linux partitioning utility is fdisk, which is run with the fdisk command. Virtually every Linux distribution includes fdisk command / utility.

Some Linux distributions also include a utility called “parted” (GNU Parted – partition editor). And the parted utility is run by simply typing running the parted command.

For basic Linux partitioning tasks, use the fdisk command / utility.

However, to do more advanced Linux partitioning tasks, like resizing a partition or copying a partition, use the parted utility.

If you run the Linux parted command and this utility doesn’t start, you can download the parted program and install it for your Linux distribution.

Some Linux distributions also use other partitioning utilities, particularly during their (own) installation routines.

The “Disk Druid” Hard Disk Partitioning GUI Utility Used By the Red Hat and Fedora

The installation routine of Red Hat (and Fedora Linux) allows you to use a partitioning tool called Disk Druid to partition your hard disk(s).

Disk Druid is actually a GUI interface (front end) for the parted utility. When you do a task with Disk Druid, such as create a partition, the parted utility is actually used “in the background” to accomplish the partitioning task.

Linux Commands Training Tips: Red Hat Linux is very expensive and Fedora is Free! Red Hat sponsors the creation of Fedora as a “test bed” for features to be added to Red Hat Linux.

So, download Fedora or have it mailed to you very inexpensively – if you specifically need to learn how to use Red Hat.
From a “learning Linux for System Administration perspective”, the Red Hat Linux and Fedora Linux distributions are virtually identical.

The options available on the “Disk Setup” screen (of Disk Druid in the Red Hat installation routine) do not currently utilize all of the capabilities of the parted utility.

For example, the parted utility can be run at the Linux command line (by simply typing in parted and pressing Enter) to resize (increase or decrease) the size of a Linux partition and you cannot do this with Disk Druid (from within the Red hat installation routine).

The Linux hard disk partitioning concepts and commands covered here apply to: Red Hat Linux and Fedora Linux for fdisk, parted and Disk Druid – and also apply to Ubuntu, Slackware, Debian and other Linux distributions for fdisk and parted.

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