April 13, 2024


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Love Expression in Marriage

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It is imperative for us to understand that lack of love expression in marriage has led many marriages to breakups. Life after marriage should be filled with the expression of love and intimacy which includes the followings:

1. Let there be oneness: Do not just be together, be one. Togetherness is physical; oneness is a state of mind. Let there be a unity of purpose, unity of direction, and unity of focus.

2. Be committed to each other: No matter what happens be committed to each other. Never think of calling it quits. Stay long enough in that marriage to make it a success; be faithful and be fruitful.

3. Sacrifices: Be ready to make sacrifices for each other irrespective of your individual differences. Do not be content with what your spouse will do for you, rather, look out for what you can do for him or her. Serve your spouse when it is convenient or when it is not convenient. Learn to sacrifice; do not always be at the receiving end, be at the giving end.

4. Be selfless in your thinking and actions: Do everything without selfishness. Be selfless; put your spouse first in everything. Do not say “mine” but say “ours”. Look out for the good of your partner, by all means; celebrate each other’s existence.

5. Operate in love: Let love be the foundation of everything you do. Be clothed with love, talk in love and if you must be angry, be angry in love, if you must ‘fight’, fight in love, if you must misunderstand, it must end in understanding.

6. Be playful: This is where couples miss it. Most couples do not play together, which is why the house is always hot and tense. Let there be playfulness in your marriage, be playful at home, and never be too serious. Does something to demonstrate playfulness, men most especially should not allow their ego to deprive them of the enjoyment in being playful with their wives?

7. Let there be humor: Crack jokes, laugh heartily, it is good for your health and it is good for your marriage. Laugh over mistakes, make positive jest of each other, light up the whole house with laughter and make your home a place to be.

8. Be generous with touching: Touch each other; make it your habit to touch each other as you talk. Cuddle as you sleep, massage each other’s body, sleep on the rug or sofa with your spouse head on your laps. Walk the street hand in hand, rest on each other’s shoulder and make your home the best.

9. Give love making a chance: Do not rape each other; don’t just have sex, make love. Get fulfillment in your bedroom life, celebrate sex in your marriage, it is a gift from God. Never allow sex to become the bone of contention in your marriage. Talk about it; improve yourself. Learn, read books, go for counsel. By all means, be a better lover in the bedroom.

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