April 19, 2024


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Male Swimmers – Most Attractive Body Shape?

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The athletic toned look of a male swimmer is considered attractive by both men and women. But is it the most attractive male body shape?
The perfect swimmers body is defined as a V-shape back, broad shoulders, defined abdominals and an overall toned shape. It is the athletic look that separates them from the bulky out of proportion shape of body builders. But how do the body shapes of top male swimmers stack up when compared with the other sportsmen?
Few argue that male swimmers have an attractive body shape, but some say that it may only be considered the most attractive body shape as it is the only sport where you get to see the males practically naked! They argue that other sportsmen could have better bodies but you just don’t get to see them properly.
If following the true stereotype (and there are always exceptions!), distance runners are too lean, gymnasts and rugby players too bulky. Male American football players, rowers and sprinters tend to have more muscle mass than male swimmers. Each has their own defining features. Sprinters have the powerful legs; rower’s massive arms and shoulders, and American football players vary widely depending on their position. When they step off the field or out of the water, it is the attractive overall proportions of male swimmers that separate them from the rest – looking as good in a suit as they do in just their underwear!

Why male swimmers are mathematically attractive!
Male swimmers are characterized as having the broad masculine shoulders and an overall V-shape. These are not such attractive traits in female swimmers as it can look out of proportion. Our attraction to another person’s body increases if that body is symmetrical and in proportion. Scientists believe that we perceive proportional bodies to be healthier. The proportions of a perfect male swimmers body conform to the “Beauty Ratio”, otherwise known as the Golden Ratio in Mathematics. This means the muscles are not too big in key areas and the overall shape looks athletic.
Taste is not objective and everyone has their preferences. Although most would agree that a universally attractive body shape is The Swimmers Body!


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