May 20, 2024


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Music Beat Maker Software – The Basics Make the Music

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A music beat maker is going to have a few things going for it that separate it from a virtual drum-machine or traditional software beat maker. The most essential difference is that it is going to allow a song-writer to produce an entire song from beginning to end. This usually means that the samples will also have to be more expansive. More samples and sounds will be necessary as well as at least 16-tracks. Beyond this, there may be a virtual drum-pad and there should also be a virtual piano set.

The piano set would be used to add the bass-lines, guitar parts, vocal elements and synthesizer sounds; essentially everything that doesn’t sound like a percussion instrument. The idea behind a music beat maker is that it will allow a song-writer to drop a nice beat and then have enough tracks and samples left over to add a hook. A hook is the part of the song that keeps the listener listening. Every great song has a great hook.

There are a few things every beat maker should have, so for the purposes of this article, these elements will be discussed now. For one thing, a beat maker should have a 16-track sequencer. Whether or not the tracks can be bounced onto one of the tracks is not as important as making sure there are 16-tracks available. 8-track sequencers simply do not give the song-writer enough options and may be okay if you are just looking for a quick and simple beat but lack the desired effect when you want to add a hook or produce an entire song from scratch.

You will also want each track to have its own volume control. This is pretty obvious, but make sure that you try out the samples and the volume control on each track before you purchase the music beat maker. You don’t want to end up with a music beat maker that does not give the sneer, bass-drum etc. the exact tone you are looking for.

You will also want to have control over the beats-per-minute or BPM. This stands for how many beats are played each minute, so for a song that is set at 100 BPM, 100 beats are ‘completed’ per minute. This does not mean you should use every beat (silence is golden) but it is the standard for determining the tempo of the song. Just make sure you have control over it.

Last but not least you will want to have an easy export option in your music beat maker. At the very least you will want the beat maker to export to mp3 with the click of a button, and the more export file options available the better. Most software beat makers today will have this option, and that would include music beat makers as well.

To re-cap, the four ingredients you will want to have on your music beat maker at the bare minimum are:

– 16-track sequencer (not an 8-track sequencer)

– Individual volume control (for each of the 16 tracks)

– BPM Control (to control the tempo of the song)

– Easy Export Option (at least exportable to mp3 so you can burn the song or upload it etc.)

Just remember to try out as many music beat makers as possible by downloading ‘free’ versions on your computer. This way you will have a good idea about what you like and don’t like and then you can choose accordingly. The price of beat makers has gone down so much in the last few years that you can probably spend well under $100 and be pretty happy with the purchase and the beats you make. Good luck and happy beat making.

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