July 19, 2024


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Pharmaceutical Marketing Is Changing Due to New Technologies and Regulations

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Pharmaceutical companies have seen certain recent changes in their business in regards to marketing their products in connection with new regulations, as well as due to recent technological changes. Adapting to this new environment has led to additional difficulties for management who are attempting to improve the profitability of their business, but realize the difficulty in doing so while complying with new regulations and technological innovations. As pharmaceutical marketing is often the driver of revenue increases, this business function will be highlighted to show the impact that these changes have had, and will continue to have, on the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma marketing in the past has relied on advertising the name of the drug on the television, providing a list of side effects, a link to additional information, and asking you to request additional information from your doctor. This is only part of the marketing effort. The remainder relates to marketing done towards doctors who actually prescribe the medications that a pharmaceutical company is selling. Doctors generate significant sales for pharmaceutical companies by prescribing their medications. Pharmaceutical companies would typically send a sales force to doctor offices to inform them of the medications that they are selling, and provide them with various gifts in the forms of pens and stationary, catered lunch and breakfast events, and other treats. The amounts of these items already had regulations attached to them in regards to limits on the amounts that can be spent. Regulations have led to an increased monitoring of these gifts in order to avoid undue pressure on doctors to prescribe a certain medication at the expense of their competitors. Pharmaceutical companies need to be cognizant of the increased emphasis on these regulations to avoid disciplinary proceedings such as fines and possibly criminal charges.

Technology has had an increased impact on pharmaceutical marketing. There has been an increased emphasis on new forms of communication including people increasingly using the internet over television as a source of information. As a result, more and more people have been going to the internet to obtain information in regards to available medications. Having a strong internet presence with clear and concise information regarding your product, should go a long way towards marketing your product online using these new technologies. In addition, various websites offer medical advice to individuals who use the site. Having references to your medication on these websites increases the likelihood that your medication will be requested by a patient. As such, marketing to entities that provide this service online should be consummated as well.

Changing technologies lead to change in a variety of industries. When combined with new regulations, these changes in how to market pharmaceutical products have led to increasing innovations in regards to how to comply with these changes in a way that is financially beneficial for the company.

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