July 20, 2024


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Reebok Hosscat Review – Stability Running Shoe

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The Reebok Hosscat is a running shoe that has many DMX ride features which greatly enhance stability and control. You will notice this as soon as you start running and you feel more balanced and stable. In this review i will go over the features which make the Reebok Hosscat and make it a unique running shoe.

As i mentioned in the introduction this running shoe has many DMX ride features which benefit your control and the stability that you will feel. The DMX ride technology is present in the heel and aims to be a cushioning and shock absorption system benefitting natural runners.

If you ever see a pair of these running shoes they will have a visible synthetic mesh on the upper and have patent leather accents which make your feet more comfortable in harsh running conditions. Having these materials in place also helps with breathability, comfort and cushioning giving you a great running experience.

While the material on the outside helps with all those factors the materials inside are just as or if not more important that’s why the Hosscat comes with a padded collar and tongue while having a textile lining AND a cushioned footbed for much better shock absorption and comfort.

The Reebok Hosscat should have you running mile after mile without and sign of pain or irritation. It has been well made and is a great buy for someone looking for something new and different this is due to the fact it can be found in top retail stores for a reasonable $70/£40.

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