April 19, 2024


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Ringtone Composers

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A ringtone composer, also known as melody composer, allows a mobile user to compose a new ringtone simply by typing a series of keys on the phone to get a melody. With a ringtone composer you can write very complex music and have it converted into a ringtone in about 2-3 minutes. That way, if you want a ringtone that nobody has ever heard before, or one that you cannot readily find, you can simply invent it.

You can write very complex music in ringtone composer and have it converted into a ringtone in about 2-3 minutes.

Cell phone manufacturers incorporate exclusive software just for the ringtone composing. ‘Nokring’ is one example manufactured by NOKIA. Today cell phone manufacturers like Sony Ericsson are providing the very latest polyphonic ringtone composer in which mobile users need not enter all the notes of the polyphonic ringtone for a new melody. The latest composer mixes the notes resulting in pretty good melodies.

Not all ringtones need composers. Usually ringtone composer will be available in one of the cell phone’s menu options called “Settings” or sometimes in “Tone Settings.” Just press the “New Tone” or “My Melodies” key followed by the “Edit” option to edit the current ringtone. Then get a “Keypress sequence” compatible with the ringtone compose. Finally, the same keypress sequence is typed in the same order. Now press “Ok” or “Done” and follow other instructions, if any. In some cases, you can adjust the tempo of the new ringtone, which is then saved. Generally it’s a good idea to delete a previously entered ringtone before replacing it with a new melody.

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