June 20, 2024


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Runtime Error 80010108 – Disconnected Object Problems, Anyone?

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If you’ve got a runtime error 80010108, your solution is either really easy or it is really hard. Regular computer users often get this error because an ActiveX object they need is unavailable for manipulation. Believe it or not, that would be the good news.

Often, the reason the ActiveX object is unavailable is because you shut down the program that supports the object. For example, suppose you want to automate the export of some data from an Excel spreadsheet into Visual Basic. You are working with Visual Basic and you get the error 80010108 “the object invoked has disconnected from its clients.” This means that the “client” (Visual Basic) tried to call up the ActiveX object from Excel, but the object wasn’t available.

The most common reason why? You shut Excel down! So keep Excel running and the object will be connected and you shouldn’t get the runtime error 80010108.

If your error 80010108 persists, your problem may be more complex. ActiveX object problems may also originate in unregistered DLLs, or even malware in the registry (where ActiveX commands are kept). So begin addressing your error 80010108 with basic computer maintenance. Get all updates for Microsoft Windows and get any available patches or hotfixes for your specific applications. Since many runtime errors stem from incompatibility between applications or within the system, getting updates is usually wise. The updates will mean you have the most current DLLs and ActiveX supports available.

If your problems continue run your anti-virus software on a full system scan. Then use the best registry repair software to re-register your DLLs, fix ActiveX-related errors coming from the registry and generally clean off the gummy junk inside your computer’s command central. Registry cleaners specialize in fixing registry corruption that causes runtime errors like the runtime error 80010108. The good registry cleaners will offer a free diagnostic so you can tell if the software will be able to address your specific problem. (Why buy a program that can’t help you, right?)

If any of these steps solve your error 80010108 then you are sitting pretty. Sadly it isn’t always so simple. When all else fails, you may have to pay a super sharp repair tech to search through your files or even through lines of code to find the problem. Many times programmers writing code get the runtime error 80010108 and the solution is always painful because the “disconnection” happens due to a tiny error in one line of code. (That’s a special hell of code editing, actually.) Hopefully the cause of your error won’t be so difficult to discover!

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