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Sash Windows in Dublin: Proportion, Symmetry and Elegance

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In Dublin, Ireland, typical Georgian architecture can be found gracing hundreds of homes and buildings. Three elements were considered extremely important to most all Georgian building and home construction: proportion, symmetry and elegance. Windows, sliding sash or double-hung windows in particular, played a leading role in satisfying all three elements. Several areas in Dublin showcase this sash window incorporation, including Merrion Square, St. Stephen’s Green, and Mountjoy Square. The Irish Georgian Society has been instrumental in contributing grants to several of these historic buildings and homes to retain the authentic beauty, profile, character and charm of the original construction. Dublin’s Ely House and 38 North Great George’s Street are two fine examples of period restoration.

Since the evolution of the law of thermodynamics, which is the simple theory of heat rising and cold sinking, sash windows have been a most important addition to Georgian-style homes and buildings. Also considered prestigious and symbols of wealth and prosperity, sash windows allowed better light entrance and greater temperature control and cross-ventilation within a structure. Typical sash windows were made of top-quality soft or hardwood chosen for grain and resin content that contributed to durability, strength and insulation properties. Georgian windows in particular were designed according to the Golden Mean, which is approximately 1:1.6 and a classical, proportionate relationship between height and width.

In Dublin today, most home and property owners go to great lengths to preserve the integrity and grandeur of the period look of their Georgian structures. While some have chosen replacement windows, often of inferior materials and slipshod installation, most property owners wisely choose to replace their original windows with quality hardwood from a reputable joinery company. An experienced joinery is an invaluable asset to this process and can help guide homeowners to make the right decision about repair or replacement options. Although it is desirable for aesthetic and historical significance to repair existing windows, at times that may not be possible. If replacement is necessary, a respectable joinery can create and install a nearly identical sliding sash window with relative ease.

Modern replacement of a wooden sash window will also improve energy efficiency and add tremendous property value to any home or building, while staying true to the classic, old-world craftsmanship and characteristics of Georgian period architecture. Consulting with a qualified joinery service will ensure that home and property owners are receiving the latest information about any conservation or historical district requirements or restrictions, the best options for repair or replacement, and quality materials and workmanship.

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