May 22, 2024


Entertain Reaching Stars

Separation Poem

2 min read


A thousand voices suddenly quieted
Snuffed out like a candle before bedtime
The silent chorus prevented from lamenting
Their words no longer echo through the halls of my mind
Specters of days past invade my thoughts
Roaming the corridors unabated
Penetrating deeply into grey matter and extracting hope
Replacing it with acceptance, consuming remembrance
Our unity has all but dissolved, like sugar stirred in tea
It spirals in a vortex and then disappears
Its sweet taste never to be consumed by us again.

This poem is a reflection of how the author feels after going through a very hard separation and a pending divorce. Instead of taking the time to explain all of the details, I thought that it would be better to let the audience interpret the feelings that were behind the crafting of this poem. I prefer to let the interpretation of my work be what is most important. When this happens, it allows the reader to relate to the poem in unintended ways and opens up discussion about the author’s choice of words, white space, and punctuation. I would rather stimulate discussion than to simply sit here and dissect my own poem line by line in order to let everyone know my meaning behind it. It is far more important to me for others to take what they would like to from the poem and enjoy it for what they think it means rather than what I was thinking at the time of writing it. Most of my other works of poetry follow the same credo.

Although with this poem I at least gave a clue in both the title and in this brief discussion of the poem (of which I was forced to by the bot that forces no article of under 400 words to be accepted) I rather enjoy readers posting comments about the piece of work so that I can either get a glimpse into what they think about it, how it makes them feel, what they feel I was driven by, or anything else. I believe that this exchange of opinions and ideas helps me to see my own work in a different light which can assist me in trying to explore deeper and deeper into poetry and, at the same time, it can also be used as a method to self check myself so that I can try to remain on task as much as possible and grow as a poet.

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