April 13, 2024


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Soul Reading – An Example

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This is a sample soul reading based upon the emotionally based, compassionate model of wholeness and unity that is Radiant Healing.

Harmful emotions block the flow of soul through our lives. It is possible to crease the amount of soul, or light, that we normally carry and allow through into life. The most direct way to soul is the heart, the quickest path for growth and healing is through incorporating eternal qualities.

What constricts Soul:

Soul – Grief
Spiritual – Loneliness
Emotional- Anger

What allows Soul:
Soul – Joy, Comfort
Spiritual – Nourishment, Beauty, Trust
Emotional- Acceptance or Forgiveness of Self, Understanding.

Joy is the goal. Soul is the goal. How do you get there?
Nourish self with qualities of beauty and trust, connection, integration, wholeness, ease, certainty or value.

Healing practices:
Align decisions, outcomes, emotions and thoughts with these qualities.
Clear the beliefs associated with feeling and believing you are alone.
Emotionally, clear automatic responses and interpretations of an event.
Connect with magic, understanding, acceptance of self: within every circumstance, without judgment.
Clear the emotions that do not allow the quality.
The quality is approached through the ladder of knowing.
Qualities soften self and life.

Any one practice begins to increase the amount of light or soul. It is a layered approach to healing and wholeness, allowing a spiral that moves us forwards, until we suddenly experience that shift in perception when our view of self and life changes.

The goal of soul in this life can be loosely defined as joy. Joy, that is expansive in its expression. The ultimate expansiveness of soul or joy is determined by the application of a mind-set of application, consistent intention, probable time-frame, and clearing concepts.

Support in healing includes offering a clearer vision of where a person can go, how to get there more efficiently, and providing tools that transform and expand their current understanding of self as soul.

The reading provides a map. The healing is a journey into the eternal, infinite, nature of self.

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