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Speech Writing – Write For the Audio-Visual Market

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If you’re a new writer and are looking for a writing service you can offer with minimal competition, try the audio-visual market. Audio-visual writers write speeches, scripts, and presentations — anything which involves the spoken word.

The easiest way to get started is by writing speeches. You’ll find that many business people in your local community need speeches written regularly. When you start small in this way, you’ll build up testimonials and in a short time you find yourself a well-paid speechwriter.

Let’s look at speechwriting in more detail.

1. Who Buys Speeches?

It’s been said that people are more scared of public speaking than of dying, therefore many people are prepared to pay a speechwriter because they’re terrified of looking silly when they speak.

There’s a huge market for speeches. The market ranges from entertainers, to politicians, and small businesspeople.

Creating presentations for others to present is another huge market on its own. (If you’re not familiar with presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint familiarize yourself as soon as possible, many of the speeches and presentations you create will be delivered in PowerPoint.)

2. Write Your First Speech

You need samples for any form of writing service that you provide. Therefore if you want to become a speechwriter, it stands to reason that you need to write a speech.

Who will you write for? Ask your business colleagues, as well as your friends and your relatives. You’ll soon find somebody who’s got to deliver a speech at a wedding, at a trade function, or who needs to make presentation. This person is your guinea pig.

Research is vital. Have a chat with your first client and record the chat. You need to know everything that they want to include in the speech, and how they speak too, so that you can write in their voice.

3. Deliver Your Speech in a Video and Post It on YouTube

You’re a writer, and the easiest way to sell your speechwriting services is to show what you can do. Therefore once your speech is written, record the speech in video format and post it on YouTube. (There are many software programs which make it easy to create videos of PowerPoint presentations.)

Post the video on your website as well. Now you can promote your speech writing services, and you’ll be well on your way to success as an audio-visual writer.

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