April 13, 2024


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Tattoo Placement For the Modest Girl

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Are you one of the thousands of people who would like a tattoo but are afraid of what your parents, boss, or friends would think?  Don’t worry, if you want to be more modest about your tattoos you can have it applied in an inconspicuous space that will only be seen by those closest to you.  

1.  Lower Back Tattoo.  These tattoos are located on the lower back and are popular with women.  They are usually only seen if wearing a bikini or low rise jeans; however, you can show them off at will.  As with all tattoos, there are pros and cons with this location.  For one, the lower back designs all pretty much look the same.  There is little originality.  However, if you offset the design to the right or left of the spine or if you add other elements on either side of the tattoo, it can become more unique.  Another drawback to a tattoo on the lower back is that it is one of the more painful places to receive one.  In general, if the tattoo is applied closer to the bone, then it will be more painful.  The more fat/muscle there is, the less painful.

2.  Lower abdominal/stomach tattoo.  This is another inconspicuous area to have a tattoo and is one of the sexiest places to get one.  A tattoo on the lower abdominal/stomach area will only be seen when you want it to be seen.  It can be viewed as very sexy and an unexpected surprise by your lover.   Unfortunately, there can also be a drawback to this type of tattoo.  For one, pregnancy or weight gain can change the how your tattoo will look, as the abdomen is sure to expand with pregnancy and weight gain.  Also, it is more difficult for the tattoo artist to stretch this part of the body, so make sure you go to a trustworthy and experienced tattoo artist.    Also, healing time may take a bit longer for a tattoo on the lower abdomen/stomach, as clothing tends to be in constant contact with this area.

3.  Bra Strap Tattoo.  This is another modest area to get a tattoo.  Most of the time, no one will ever know you have a tattoo, as it is hidden under your bra strap but if you want to show it off, you still have that option. Word or saying tattoos work well for this area, as it is a long and slim space.  Choose this tattoo carefully so as to not be self conscious if you decide to wear a strapless dress.  A drawback to this location for a tattoo is that this area usually comes in direct contact with clothing, which may irritate the tattoo and cause increased healing time. 

4.  Wrists.  The inside of the wrist is another popular location for a modest tattoo.  This can be covered with jewelry, if you so choose, or shown off as your “jewelry”.   It could be a tribal type tattoo or maybe a butterfly.  This is another place on the body that is close to the bone and may be a little more painful when applied.  Keep in mind, this tattoo will be more difficult to conceal.

5. Ankle.  A small tattoo on the ankle is less noticeable than other areas, as most it is lower on the body and most people never notice it.  Of course, a tattoo on the outer ankle or front of the ankle will be more visible.  If you usually wear sandals without hosiery, then irritation should not be a problem.  Just like the tattoos located on the wrist, tribal or insect themes are a popular choice for the ankle area, and just like the wrist tattoo these can be more painful due to the closeness to the bone.  

6.  Back of the Neck.  This is a great tattoo location for modest girls, if you have long hair, as this tattoo will not be seen unless you wear your hair up or choose to show it off.  A tattoo in this location is usually small and may be either a flower, insect like a butterfly, or a symbol.  Unfortunately, again, this location  is closer to the bone, so pain will be greater at application, however, since this area does not usually come in contact with clothing, healing should not be a problem.  

If you really would like to have a tattoo but are afraid of what other people will think, remember, there are modest places to conceal your tattoo where only you and those you chose to know, will know.  Just remember, though, do your research on tattoo designs before walking through the tattoo parlor doors.  You will be glad you did.

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