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The Benefits of Practicing Tantric Sex

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The benefits of practicing Tantric Sex or High Sex are many. Tantric sexual states have long been associated with similar high states of Theta wave as achieved by meditation. The primary purpose of these high states of sexual energy has been to achieve unity consciousness or ‘mahamudra’ with life. Any sexual activity is beneficial not only to the body but to the psyche as well. We know that when one is in a high state of sexual arousal the body unleashes hormones that give us a sense of euphoria and flood the endocrine system. Sexual energy nourishes our bodies and gives us a sense of aliveness. When making love we open our hearts to another and give ourselves the opportunity to receive and give pleasure.

Sacred sexuality goes beyond this to teach us about the deeper inner realms of our psyche and provides us with true understanding and compassion. Through passionate, sensual awareness you can increase the quality of your sexual life.

Through the practice of Tantric Sex you have the opportunity to awaken what is known as the ‘Kundalini’ energy. This energy is highly beneficial to you. Tantric sex enables you to begin to understand the power of this sexual energy. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies on the planet. When cultivated within the body it can not only bring you into ecstatic states of being, it can heal your physical and emotional states of being as well. Dr. Patti Taylor, an expert in the field of expanded orgasm, explains that when a person is in an orgasmic state for a long period of time they can process their emotional state much easier and receive pleasure at the same time. This is a very different way of looking at emotional clearing and much more fun.

The Tantric school of thought now used in the West is called Neo-Tantra. It combines White (devotional), and Red (sexual) Tantra, and principles of yoga and meditation. It weaves together both sensuality and spirituality so that the practitioner sees the act of making love as sacred. A loose tradition to begin with, Tantric teachings offer no clear record of their origins. Some believe they originally began by using bodily fluids as offerings to Tantric deities. Even the definition of the word ‘Tantra’ has varied and is sometimes defined as, “web,” “weaving,” “expansion,” and “liberation.” No matter what the definition, the heart of Tantra involves honest communication, creating intimacy and Self-realization.

Self-Realization is infinite and beyond space and time. The ultimate goal of Hindu-Buddhist based Tantra is Self-Realization, which leads to complete peace of mind, contentment and unity consciousness. It does not require you to change your spiritual beliefs in order for the process to work. Neo-Tantra Neo-Tantra may also include accessing high states of consciousness as its main objective. But for most Western practitioners it offers another way to enrich, expand and enhance their lovemaking. Osho, the “father” of Neo-Tantra, said, “The first part has to be sex. The second part has to be love. The third part has to be prayer. And the fourth has to be transcendence. So from the gross to the subtle you move. And in the fourth, sex has to completely disappear, love too, prayer too. Make it absolutely silent, peaceful, meditative… not even a trace is left. These are the four stages of Neo-Tantra…” “Neo-tantra typically makes use of the traditional tantra yoga asanas (positions), breath control, and meditation, but it is taught outside the framework of Hindu culture and religion…. Unique to Neo-Tantra is a modern or New Age tendency to include massage (so-called “tantric massage”), Reichian body-work (e.g. “bio-energetics”), and even counseling (e.g. “sexual healing”) to the course of study.

Below are 20 Sacred Sexual Secrets, that will assist you in receiving the most benefits from Tantric sex. 20 Sacred Sexual Secrets

1.Be In The Moment: Most people miss what is going on for them in the moment. Be present for the fun.

2. Make Conditions Right: Turn off the TV, get focused, feel rested and take advantage of the desire.

3. Cultivate Sexual Mindfulness: Be playful, attentive, erotic and be involved in the sensory moment.

4. Create a Sensual Atmosphere: Utilize the power of light, the scent of aromatherapy, the magic of incense and the toning of music.

5. Entice with Natural Aphrodisiacs: Nature holds the key, with sensual foods such as oysters, coco and juicy fruits.

6. Open Your Mind: Expectations can kill the moment! Try things that empower, enlighten and return you to the magic of youthful energy.

7. Let Go of Fears: Inhibitions are useless and block who you really aspire to be. This is really the time to complete who you are. The more you let go of your fears, the more highly aroused and more deeply impacted you will be by the sexual experience.

8. Be In Tune With Your Surroundings: Feel each sensation, your breathing, your environment, your sounds, your emotions. Whether you are alone or with a partner, be conscious.

9. Experience The Power of Color: Use color therapy by incorporating candles of color, lingerie, lighting or fabric in order to bring color into your environment.

10. Use Your Chakra Energies: The Chakras are stations along the central axis of your being. Each one is a point at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of actions, attitudes and emotions.

11. Rev Up Your Kundalini: This major life force energy is an ancient system originating from India that helps the student awaken and merge their spiritual natures.

12. Give Up Control: Allow for the give and take of each others’ lead. The giving up of power can be just as arousing!

13. Flow With The Rhythm: Entrainment is the tendency of two oscillating bodies to lock into phase, so that they vibrate in harmony.

14. Take Your Time: Only by exploring the erotic landscape, savoring all of the body’s hot spots, can we find a road to ultimate fulfillment.

15. Express Your Joys: If it works, let your partner know. Being vocal about your pleasure may help entice your partner. If it’s not, show them where it can.

16. To Release or Not To Release: Whether you’re a believer in the great release of energy or simply transmuting this sexual energy through other channels, there is always pleasure through a Sacred Union.

17. Reach New Heights: Rediscover the deep interrelationship between sexuality and spirituality.

18. Sex Is The Common Denominator: Sex is the energetic healer of our mind, body, and spirit.

19. Honor Pleasure As A Divine Gift: Sex is the most honest aspect of the Universal creative life force, which electrifies every stage of our lives.

20. Cultivate Pure Ecstasy: The goal of your Tantric practice is to bring high states of sexual arousal while remaining completely relaxed.

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