May 20, 2024


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The Importance of Balance For Hockey Players

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If you are an ice hockey player, odds are you have great balance. It’s a skill that’s more important on the ice than in other sports.

Wobbly ankles won’t get you very far when you’re carrying the puck into the zone or trying to out speed your opponent as they rush the goal. To be the best on the ice you have to have control of your body and your balance.

Many hockey players work hard to improve their balance on and off the ice. One exercise requires you to stand on one foot with your eyes closed. Do it for as long as you can.

Next try switching legs. Repeat this sequence but try doing it with single leg squats with your knee flexed 90 degrees. Try holding this position for 30 seconds and then switch sides. Keep at it until you can hold the position for 60 seconds on each leg. If you do it regularly you should see results.

Once you’ve mastered blind single leg squats, try hopping from leg to leg. Hold it 30 seconds on each leg. Do it as long as you can without losing your balance. It’s tough but great for improving your balance.

As you balance gets better, work hard to extend the hold time. If you practice these balance drills on a regular basis you will improve.

For the best results on the ice, ice hockey coaches often have their players perform these balance drills in full uniform off the ice. This bit of realism helps players with their balance because they become used to balancing wearing heavy, cumbersome equipment.

If you are a hockey player, you should give it a try. These balance drills are great for any sport but especially ones that require great balance. Do them regularly and you will have better balance and perform better on the ice.

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