April 19, 2024


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The Melting Moon

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Whenever you think of Goa what comes to your mind… a party, high music, people dancing, enjoying and having a great time of their life but I felt a little differently, though these are also extremely fun filled moments but when it comes to relaxation or peace I find Goa one of the most tranquil place. Amidst all the noises there was a soothing melody of nature that I could hear… the melody of sea waves. The heart of Goa resides in the sea… many people would come for water sports, sit on shacks drink beer and feel relaxed but there is more to this story, you can enjoy a scenic view of moon… The moon meeting down in the ocean. People are generally attracted by sunset and sunrise but we tend to ignore the beauty of moon, reflecting upon the sea. It is said that night reveals many secrets which nature has hidden in its fist but I have been lucky to have found one… seeing the light of the moon, feeling the oceans with its golden flare and it’s never ending colorless water turning golden when it looks at the moon.

The waves carry the moonlight to shores, shortening the distance between us and the moon and hence giving us a majestic view. I’m forced to think if I can call these waves the carrier of this moonlight or the carrier of peace and serenity. In a way I can feel the moon’s presence within the sea. I’m dazzled seeing how light can feed happiness to our heart and soul. The golden lining on the waves embraces the beauty of sea, the ocean absorbs the moonlight to become something more beautiful and produce the glittery beauty of night. I can say the sound of waves and the golden waves gives you an immense pleasure and peace of mind because this not only pleases our eyes but also provides a peace of mind through its sound to me.

This is the real gem in Goa which is hidden as well as visible at the same time. Although it’s a common and old saying but beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder so it completely depends upon you to locate this priceless gem that we tend to overlook. The nature holds the power to surprise us in every travel experience, it’s just that we should have the potential to unveil it.

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