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The Most Luxurious Boats You (Probably) Can’t Afford

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Descriptions of the five most luxurious yachts in the world

1. The Eclipse Yacht – The owner of the Eclipse Yacht is Roman Abramovich, a Russian aristocrat. The yacht is approximately 558 feet long and is considered to be the most expensive yacht in the world. It has been reported to cost anywhere between $540 million to $1.1 billion dollars and has exquisite features, including 24 cabins for overnight guests. Additionally, the Eclipse has two separate swimming pools and even a mini-submarine, for the very adventurous. The master suite itself measures 5000 square feet and is located on the highest point of the deck. Boredom is never an issue with the cinema, private garden and library. To keep the family safe while sailing the open seas, the Eclipse is designed to be completely bullet proof.

2. ‘A’ Superyacht – This yacht is also owned by a Russian aristocrat, Andrey Melnichenko. The cost is rumored to be approximately $323 billion dollars and it measures approximately 390 feet in length. One of the most impressive features of this yacht is the private deck, which measures 80 feet long; designed for the owner’s wife who adores sunbathing. The yacht also has a helipad for guests who wish to arrive in style. Inside the master suite and bathroom are pure marble floors. The finishing touches to the A Superyacht include a private lift and staircase.

3. Platinum 525 or The Golden Star – Owned by the Sheikh Mohammed bin-Rashid Al Makhtoum of Dubai, the cost of this yacht is $300 million dollars. Measuring 531 feet, this mega yacht was originally designed in 1996; in 2001, it was purchased by the Sheikh and renamed, the Golden Star. As the name states, the yacht measures approximately 525 feet and has luxury suites for guests. It also features a squash court, health spa and swimming pool. In addition to the excellent amenities, this yacht also has a special suite for the owner and a total of five suites designated for VIPs. The additional guest rooms can accommodate up to 12 comfortably.

4. Pelorus Yacht – Also owned by Roman Abramovich, this $300 million dollar yacht is considered to be a casual luxury, compared to the Eclipse. However, it is still quite outstanding, measuring 377 feet in length. Included in the superb features are the jet skis, swimming pools, conference rooms and 18 suites for overnight guests. The yacht can accommodate a total of 58 people comfortably. As a security measure, the Pelorus comes equipped with a very unique feature, a missile-detecting system and a mini-submarine for speedy escapes.

5. Dilbari Yacht – The Dilbari is owned by Alisher Usmanov, a Russian businessman. Measuring 361 feet in length, the cost is approximately $256 million dollars. Luxuries include swimming pools and a helipad. The 12 guest rooms are filled with spectacular amenities and extraordinary decor. In total, there are five decks so everyone on board can experience a level of privacy if they want to step away from the entertainment and seek a little peace and quiet.

Available rental options

Each of these tremendous works of art can be rented for day excursions or longer periods. But, be prepared to spend a pretty penny for the privilege. For example, the Eclipse can cost approximately $2 million dollars to rent for a week.

Other yachts, like the Platinum 525 or the Pelorus are a bit less expensive, averaging approximately $500,000 to $1 million per week.

The majority of the people who exercise these options consist of celebrities. In fact, when they vacation in places like the Caribbean or the South of France, they often rent super yachts like these to ensure their privacy and to keep the Paparazzi away.

Over the past few years, renting super yachts has become much more popular with celebrities because of the intimate settings and extreme luxury. They also provide the same accommodations as most 5-star hotels, without the intrusions.

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