June 20, 2024


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The Perfect Breast to Butt Ratio

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Is there a perfect breast to butt ratio? Is 36-24-36 the ideal measurements for a woman? Mainstream media would have us believe that there is an ideal body frame out there that every woman should strive for. However, practical application of what men actually want makes for a discussion that blurs the lines of what is sexy and what isn’t.

There are all types of men in the world with varying degrees of what they find attractive or not. To say that there is a perfect ratio that will attract every man, every time, would be plain crazy. Is the bodies found in Victoria’s Secret ads or in Playboy the ideal form? Is there a specific measurement that turns on every, every time? Of course there isn’t, but many women still pursue their chase for that elusive perfect figure, and will go to great lengths, getting breast and butt implants in an attempt at perfection.

Many men prefer a woman with an hourglass shape, which would make them lean towards a ratio of 50/50. They would want the breasts to be as large as the butt, with everything in proportion. It wouldn’t matter to these men if the breasts and butt are smaller or bigger just that they match in size.

Some men are butt men and they would prefer a woman to have more “junk in the trunk” than large breasts. They would like to see a woman whose butt is bigger than her bosom. If you take Sir Mix-a-Lot’s tastes into consideration the answer to the question what is the perfect ratio of breasts to butt, he would side with the buttocks being much more important

Then there are the breast men. They don’t really mind what size the butt is as long as the woman has a large chest. These men get so mesmerized by large breasts so much so that other parts of the woman become inconsequential.

A woman with a natural figure, that is in shape and healthy will vary from body type to body type. Some women’s naturally-sized breasts coincide with the size of her backside, while others have disproportionate measurements. Other women, such as the waif runway models are very skinny and have a small chest and small butt, but are still deemed attractive by society.

In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and thinking that there’s just one idea of perfection is ludicrous. Women should strive not to reach for some unreasonably vague ideal, but should try to be healthy, fit, and active. They should love their body and the way it looks and not worry about conforming into some perfect ratio. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get the perfect body.

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