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The Pertinent Parable of the Conference of the Carpenter’s Tools – A Lesson in Practical Leadership

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When reading and studying the text of Psalm 133, we are confronted with the important topic of unity within the Church of Jesus Christ.

Unity begins vertically and then horizontally. Jesus prayer is that we be in the Father and in Him, first. The phrase, “to be in Him”, or “in Christ”, is used some 150 times in the New Testament.

We have a security which does not depend upon succeeding. To be secure is to be in Christ. Fear is eliminated and competition is ruled out. That is a wonderful place to live!

The result and the reward is that blessing that flows from unity.

Morning freshness comes as the dew descends and the oil of the Holy Spirit. It is like soothing ointment on a sore. It is God’s picture of healing and wholeness, and our world certainly needs peace and healing and wholeness in these present times, and this is true no matter where you look. The division and contention and feuding all flow from the consequences of our sinful nature, and that is a truth which is hotly denied today, but it happens to be reality!

There comes that point time and time again, when God brings us to the place where we are dependent upon the supernatural presence and power of God.

Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the Unity of the Church.

We cannot organise it, nor promote it. We cannot even pray it.

Consider the parable of the imaginary Conference of the Carpenter’s Tools. Brother Hammer presided. Several suggested he should leave because he was too noisy.

“If I have to leave then Brother Screw must go as well. You have to turn him around again and again to get him to accomplish anything.”

“If you wish I will leave but Brother Plane must leave too. All his work is on the surface. He is so superficial. He has no depth.”

“All right then, but I suggest Brother Rule also withdraws. He is always measuring folks as though he were the only one who is right.”

“I will go then, but you will have to deal with Brother Sandpaper because he is always rubbing people up the wrong way, and he is so rough.”

At that moment in walked the carpenter to start his day’s work. He put on his apron, went to his bench, and during the day used the hammer, screw, plane, ruler, sandpaper and all the other tools.

We cannot organise it, nor promote it. We cannot even pray it. But as leaders we must do whatever we possibly can to encourage it. There are lessons here for everyone in any position of leadership whether it be in the Church of Jesus Christ or in the world of commerce. No matter where we work and serve we can learn vital lessons and give positive leadership as we set an appropriate example.

Like mercy and grace and love and forgiveness, only God can grant it.

Sandy Shaw

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